How to Remove Regulator From Paintball Tank – 7 Effective Steps

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If there is one thing you should know, it’s that a paintball regulator is an very important part of any paintball gun; essentially for players who are planning on taking their paintball skills to the next level.

But if somehow a problem occurred and you need to replace your regulator, you definitely need to know how to properly avoid damaging this unique piece of equipment.

How to Remove Regulator From Paintball Tank

  1. The first thing is to release the compressed air
  2. Secondly you should remove the gauge
  3. Then carefully place two slabs of wood around the regulator inside of the vice and lock it in
  4. After that you can use a strap wrench to securely turn the regulator initially
  5. Continue spinning the regulator until it is completely released from the tank.

Knowing how to properly remove your regulator and switch out your tank is one of the best thing you can know because it always comes in handy at some point. Another benefit is that it will save you time and money doing it yourself from the comfort of your home.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss everything you need to know on how to remove a regulator from paintball tank as well as tips and tricks to make the process much easier.

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Make Sure That the Compressed Air is Released

The first thing you need to do before even thinking about changing out your regulator is to ensure that all of the compressed air is released from the tank. With most models all you have to do is unscrew to release the air. Another thing you can do is check with your gun specific model so that you have a better idea on how to properly release all of the compressed air quickly, safely and efficiently.

Once you have completley release the compressed air and the gauge is showing ‘0’, it’s now time to remove the gauge from the regulator. Yes it’s that easy, it should then slide off with ease, or potentially a little bit of will power. Either way, you will not need any help or tools to remove the gauge.

Once your tank is free of compressed air and the gauge is off, it is now time to start taking off the regulator itself. Depending on your paintball gun model, doing so will be a simple task or might take some time and effort on your behalf. You should keep in mind that a lot of these methods will require tools.

Some Regulators Can be Simply Screw Off

There are lots of paintballing companies that provide regulator tanks that can be easily screw off without the needs of tools. It may take some effort in order to get the job done, but it’s better than having to purchase extra equipment to remove it.

Take the time out to check the regulator to see if it is possible to remove by simply screwing it with your hands. This will definitely make the hand much easier without the need of purchasing any equipments.

Use a Good Pair of Pliers

If you check and there is no way to screw off the regulator using your hands, then what you can do differently is to use a pliers for removal. The first thing is that you will want to get a very good grip around the knob and start turning, which may sometimes need excessive amount of strength.

The fact that many paintball gun models have a special locking device that ensures the compressed air stays inside of the regulator, unscrewing the regulator can be quite challenging.

The biggest downside with using a pair of pliers to remove the regulator is that you may not be able to get a proper grip that’s necessary for a complete removal. Some people have found luck by placing the regulator tank between their legs and twisting the top right off, but for others this may not work out just the same.

If you’re not finding any success when it comes to unscrewing the regulator using a pliers, then what you can do is consider trying out one of these methods on the list.

Use a Vice, Strap Wrench, and Wood

How to Remove Regulator From Paintball Tank

You can start off by using a vice, strap wrench and wood which will eventually make the process a lot easier. These are known to be the best way to remove a regulator from a tank with small amount of man power. With these you will have the ability to remove the regulator from the tank without causing any damage. If you decide to use other methods you may risk damaging your tank leaving a bent or scratched to it.

  1. Start by removing all compressed air from the tank – The first thing you should do is take the time out to properly remove all air from the tank which will make things much easier for you. It will be by far easier to remove the regulator from the tank without any left over compressed air keeping it locked shut.
  2. Take the gauge off the regulator – It’s now time to securely remove the gauge off the regulator. Once you have followed the step above carefully, removal of the gauge should be quite easy.
  3. Get two pieces of wood – You will be placing these two pieces of wood on each side of the regulator to keep it safe while being squeezed in the vice. If you don’t have any wood in your posession, you can try and use other items such as a extra thick towel.
  4. Place the wood and the regulator in the vice and close tight – Most people doesn’t know how important a vice is in times like these. With that said, using a vice will ensure the regulator stays in place and comes off without experiencing any difficulties.
  5. Twist the regulator off using the strap wrench – If you don’t have a strap wrench in your posession at the moment you can purchase one for around $6 at a hardware store. It makes the removal process of the regulator extremely easy, so it’s a handy tool to have lying around the house.
  6. Keep turning until the regulator is removed from the tank – There’s usually a lot of turning as well as man power needed to remove the entire regulator, so keep turning in a counterclockwise motion until it is completely off.

This entire process should only take a few minutes to complete. One of the main reason why we highly recommend using a vice or strap wrench for removal is that it will not cause damage to the regulator or tank and won’t require you to use any excessive amount of force in order to get the job done.

Soak the Regulator in Hot Water

It doesn’t matter if you’re opting for a pair of pliers, vice or strap wrench for removal of the regulator, we strongly believe that you should soak the tank for about 10 minutes in hot water. By doing so you will ease some of the tension of the regulator making it much easier to remove in the future.

Make sure the water isn’t too hot that it may cause any damage to the tank. You definitely want the water to be hotter than warm but not boiling hot. You should only leave it to soak for around 10 minutes to avoid possible damage.

Get Professional Help

If you’re not a handy person with tools and think you are capable of handling this task, the best thing to do is let a professional remove the regulator for you. They will know exactly what to do without causing any unnecessary damage, which can occur if you do it yourself.

There are many different places you can have your regulator remove such as your local paintballing shop. Other places include hardware stores or sports stores where they sell a variety of equipments. They will likely have the tools required for removing a regulator quickly and easily.


The most effective way to properly remove a regulator from a tank is to use a vice, strap wrench and slabs of wood. Remember to make sure that the compressed air is entirely released before removing the regulator and consider soaking the tank in hot water for around 10 minutes. Another thing you can do is check to see if your specific paintball gun company has a tool that can make the removal process easier.

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