Can Paintball Tanks Explode – Discover The Whole Truth!

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Paintball is a very popular and competitive sports that a lot of people around the world take part in. However, many people get scared when they hear the news of paintball tank explosions and they start to wonder and ask questions.

I know that most of you might still have this doubt – can paintball tanks explode? And if it’s possible what precautions can we take?

Well in this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about paintball tank explosions and what you can do to prevent a paintball tank from actually exploding. This way you can be on the safe side while having fun on the battlefield with your opponents.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Can Paintball Tanks Explode

The answer is yes, paintball tanks can  explode but you don’t have to worry because it rarely happens. Over the years there have only been a few cases where people have reported that their paintball air holding tank has exploded. Even though these incidents tend to occur all across the globe, each explosion is caused by different reasons.

The good news is that paintball tanks isn’t something that is easy to explode because the manufacturer does a pretty good job at testing each tanks making sure they are safe.

Below we have listed a few reasons why paintball tanks explode and the precautions you need to take to prevent it from happening.

1. Oil is Put in the Tank

One of the worst thing you could do is put oil in your paintball tank. When filling up your tank, you’ll notice a fill nipple, you should never put oil or mixtures of ingredients in the fill nipple of your HPA tank.

This is a very dangerous idea, it’s even worst than removing your mask in the middle of an intense game. Even though there have been couple of people who have done it and got away with just a few burns. In a case like this you might not be that lucky.

You should keep in mind that paintball tanks operate at a pressure that is incredibly high. It operates at a measurement of 4,500 psi which means anything that has any type of petroleum or lubricant in it that gets into the bottle, it will begin to heat up more and more. That pressure alone should be enough to cause an explosion.

Another thing is that the o-rings after constantly filling it up over and over again has wear out and what happens is because of the compressors that are used to fill air which we breathe and that includes dust, dirt and moisture so all that contamination get into the tank.

2. Invest in a Well Made Tank

When looking to purchase a paintball tank you might be tempted at first to get one that is already used or one that’s not made of high quality materials which is understandable if you are working with a low budget, but investing in a safe and well constructed tank will help to keep you safe and save you tons of cash in the end.

It’s always a great idea to only buy paintball tank from well known and trusted brands. You should definitely do some research on popular brands on the market that are reliable in the paintball industry and buy one if them. Tanks that are listed at cheaper price are often very low quality and they can be dangerous.

This is why I only recommend buying a high quality paintball tank because they are definitely worth the money and when it comes to safety you will be on the safe side as well.

Can paintball tanks explode

3. Severely Damaged Tank

This is by far one of the main reason behind exploding tanks. Paintball is an extremely physical sport that requires a lot of running, diving and jumping around with your paintball gun, and because of this your paintball tank will take a lot of beating during the intense battle. Having small scratches on the tank should not be a major concern.

However, if your tank has major damages and you begin to see some of the fibers below the gel of paint this is an indication that your tank is not safe to use. Once the damage becomes deeper, it will cause the paintball tank to become weaker and unable to contain the pressure. If it’s not able to hold the pressure it will eventually explode over time.

4. Wear and Tear

Like any other man made products on the market paintball tanks will explode when they become too old. Base on studies, most paintball tanks tend to have a lifespan of only fifteen years. You can find the information on the date of manufacturer on the outside of the tank.

If you check and the information is not available, what you need to do is contact the local paintball expert in your area.

With repeated usage one day you can expect these tanks to explode. After a while, these tanks are exposed to many different types of pressure for a long period of time which will eventually cause them to explode.

What Precautions Can You Take?

1. Hydro Testing of the Paintball Tank

If you haven’t hydro test your tank within a five year time frame you can expect it to become severely damaged over time. Hydro testing is done to ensure that the tank is able to handle any type of pressure that comes its way.

Hydro testing is simply submerging the paintball tank into a large tank of water. Large amount of pressure will then be placed on the paintball tank to see up to what pressure it can withstand without compromising its integrity.

Before hydro testing the paintball tank, you should check the tank from top to bottom to see if there is any obvious puncture that has already been formed. Even after the hydro testing is finished, your inspector will give the tank another check to make sure it’s safe to use.

2. Use Tank Covers

These tanks are very durable and is capable of withstanding a lot of scratches and bumps. The tank durability is what makes it difficult to severely damaged a paintball tank. However, even if you’re trying to be on the safe side, accidents do happen.

This is why it’s best to purchase a cover for your tank, not only is these tanks affordable and offer protection, they also help to increase your accuracy and performance in the battlefield.

I can guarantee that you will feel at ease playing just by knowing you have an extra layer of protection resting on your paintball tank. This is why I highly recommend investing in a tank cover to increase the safety of your tanks.

3. Check the Pressure

Before you head out to play in a paintball game against your opponents, you should definitely double check to ensure that the tank is holding the recommended volume of pressure and liquid. Although most paintball tank has the ability to withstand up to three times the pressure the manufacturer have rated it for, you certainly don’t want to test it.

It’s always wise to keep your paintball tank at the recommended amount and check to make sure you’ve put the right amount of pressure and liquid in the tank before entering the battleground. If it doesn’t have enough or has too much, this can cause the paintball tank to explode.

4. Proper Storage

Another way to take proper care of your paintball tank is to store it away from wet surfaces as this makes them swell which in the long run makes them asymmetrical. You should also store your tank away from the sun as this will leave them hard and brittle.

Also, if it’s too hot or cold, your tank could eventually explode. So you should definitely try to keep it safe, by doing so the outer structure will remain thick and durable.

We highly recommend cleaning your paintball tank every now and then after using it. This will prevent things from rubbing onto the paint and eventually damaging the tank outer structure.

5. Get Rid of Your Old Tank

If it’s been years since you’re playing paintball then eventually you will need to get rid of your paintball tank and replace it with a new one. Even though this might seems costly, sometimes it’s best to start over fresh.

6. Contact an Expert

If you are still worried and unsure about the safety of your paintball tank, then it’s best to contact a local expert. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

An expert will provide you with all the information you need know about hydro testing dates, the right amount of pressure and also perform a physical examination to ensure that everything is on the safe side.


When on the battlefield playing against your opponents you’ll want to take extra precautions. You might end up hurting everyone on the paintball field around you if you aren’t taking proper care of your paintball tank.

We are fortunate to have paintball tanks that’s capable of withstanding any type of harm due to rough play. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take proper care of your tank on a regular basis.

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