Best Paintball Pistol – Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you’re looking for a paintball pistol, then luckily you’re in the right place. In this review article, we have compiled a list of the best paintball pistols on the market.

If you are a huge fan of paintball like myself, then you should know by now that it is very important to have a paintball pistol. You also need to keep in mind that there is a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the best paintball pistol.

There are lots of different paintball pistols available on the market right now, which is why it’s quite hassling ti choose the perfect one for your needs.

Well, you don’t have to worry since I have years of experience in paintballing and I’ve used a lot of different types of paintball pistols during my gameplay as well.

In the review below, I have compiled a list of some of the best paintball pistols available as we speak. I have also provided a table with our top choices. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read through our review, you can simply choose one from the table. I can guarantee that you won’t regret your decision in the end. Alternatively, check Airsoft pistol choices here.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Best Paintball Pistol

Paintball Pistols RatingsPrice
Tippmann TiPX Editor's Choice Check Price
Tippmann TPXRunner UpCheck Price
JT ER2 Budget Friendly Check Price
T4E New Walther High-End Performance Check Price

1. Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol – Editor’s Choice

Best Paintball Pistol
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Tippmann is a very popular household name in the paintball industry. They are the current leading paintball makers out there right now. If you have ever rented a paintball gun before then there is a high chance that it’s from this exact manufacturer.

The Tippmann TiPX is a very realistic, military-style pistol with a compact design. The smooth and classy design is one of the main reasons people love this fun so much. It handles well in combat with the firm and the trigger of the marker is made of metal. It tends to deliver a natural performance and is easy to handle.

This Tippman TiPX is considered to be the best paintball pistol for both beginners to the sport and skilled players. This pistol comes equipped with quite a few amazing features including two Tru Feed magazines with low tension spring systems, an external velocity adjuster with eight balls per second feed rate, a threaded barrel that enables customization, a CO2 12-gram air system, and an ergonomic grip.

The Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol is a magazine-fed and a semi-automatic marker, which makes you feel like you are holding a real gun in your hands when you are on the battlefield. It’s pretty lightweight and close-packed design, which is why it is best for marking single targets or tactical backup.

If you want a pistol that’s extremely accurate for both close and medium range combat, the TiPX is just the right marker for you. If you want additional gear as well, the pistol is also available as part of a kit that comes with a holster and other accessories.

The only downside with this marker is its trigger safety switch. It feels a bit too stiff as it requires quite a bit of force. You won’t have the ability to simply turn it on and off with just your thumb, which can be an issue when you need to react fast especially when you’re in an intense battle.

This high-end marker counts as one of the most reliable paintball pistols on the market because it is very easy to maintain and also customizable. You can get this marker for a very reasonable price on Amazon today.


  • It offers a good range and accuracy
  • The marker comes with several customizable features
  • It has a lightweight and compact design
  • You have multiple color options to choose from
  • Durable metal trigger made from aluminum
  • Comes with a maintenance kit and carrying case
  • Tru-Feed magazines with low tension spring systems
  • Feature an external velocity adjuster


  • Small magazines
  • The trigger safety switch is a bit stiff


2. Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Starter Kit – Runner Up

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Here is another high-end paintball pistol by Tippmann. The amazing quality of their pistols is what makes them one of the leading brands in this market. They usually have different unique styles and patterns to offer for their guns.

The paintball pistol mentioned above was designed to look and feel like a real gun and this one is designed to look and feel like the martial styled firearm. This paintball marker is highly reliable as it is high on accuracy.

If you look closely you’ll notice that it has a velocity adjuster that is located at the rear of the receiver, adjacent to it, you will see a circular notch that provides you with the ability to place a remote adapter to make the gun a lot more efficient.

Like the earlier model by Tippmann, this marker is designed with an under barrel CO2 air system as well as a Picatinny rail just for mounting attachments. It is the second generation creation and the Tippmann squad has made tons of improvements on various aspects, remodeling the features that its earlier models had and also nurtured its overall design.

This high-end paintball pistol is also a magazine-fed and a semi-automatic that makes you feel like you are holding a real handgun in your hands. It has an eye-catching appeal as compared to other paintball pistols available in the market. The Tippmann TPX paintball pistol provides a compact design and it’s also flimsy, which facilitates solo targets.

With this marker, Tippmann mainly focuses on providing maximum effectiveness at a very affordable price. However, before investing in a marker it’s always best to check the gun’s maintenance and repair features. We like the fact that this model has been designed in a particular way that you can easily gain access to the internal mechanism of the gun, which means you can easily start your maintenance process whenever you want.

This paintball pistol is very easy to use, both beginners and intermediate players have stated that it is very easy to handle and comfortable to play or compete with.

With that being said, there is one thing that you should keep in mind, the first time you push the trigger the gun will not fire immediately until you push the trigger the second time that’s when it will fire the first ball.

It is equipped with two spring loaded Tru-feed magazines that are capable of holding up to 7 rounds each. It was produced to outplay the mis-feeding issue that was accompanied by the floundered magazine.


  • Has high accuracy and consistency
  • It’s a well-balanced marker
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Customizable and easy to handle
  • Comes equipped with all essential accessories
  • Easy to load CO2 cartridges


  • The CO2 cartridges are prone to leakage


3. JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit – Budget Friendly

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If you are on a tight budget and looking for a superb quality paintball pistol in the budget-friendly range, then you should definitely check out this JT ER2 – it is without a doubt one of the most affordable models you can find on the market today.

The JT ER2 comes with five 12 grams CO2 tubes that filled with 10 paintballs each, and that eventually provides you with the opportunity to shoot around 50 rounds right out the box which you can’t seem to find in most paintball guns or shotguns these days. With most markers what you have to do is buy the paintball fillers and paint tubes separately after purchasing the paintball gun or shotgun.

What we really like about this gun is the fact that you get a pump, the pump is what makes this gun stand out and worth investing in. Even though there are a lot of features provided in this paintball gun, it comes at a very affordable price.

It is versatile, compact and very easy to operate and easy to carry as well if you want to take it with you on your adventure games or out in the woods. It is extremely easy to use, and simple to understand the internal mechanism of the pistol because most of the time you will have to clean up the gun in order to increase the lifespan of it.

It only has nine screws and the safety feature in the JT ER2 pump pistol really plays an important role when it comes to securing the gun. The red sign indicates that is unsafe and the black indicates that it is locked. The internal mechanism of the gun is not very complicated and the additional features of the pump action of the gun make the pistol unique and really effective to shoot high amazing accuracy and speed.

This pistol is quite noisy compared to other models, but if you are a professional the sound that the paintball pistol produces shouldn’t be a problem especially if the efficiency of the gun is another level.

While we believe the price and overall performance of the pistol is a great choice for beginners, the pump stroke will be very tricky at first for a total beginner. It’s pretty smooth, but extremely heavy at the same time, which eventually leads to slow firing rates – you definitely won’t stand a chance going up against a semi-automatic paintball pistol.


  • Features a pump-action reloading system
  • A great choice for both beginners and intermediate players
  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • This marker is well built
  • It’s very durable, which means it will last for a long time


  • Kids may find it difficult to load
  • A bit loud when fired
  • You will not be able to fire multiple times, you have to cock it for every shot


4. T4E New Walther PPQ M2 Paintball Pistol – High-End Performance

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You should definitely get in the paintball game with the T4E New Walther PPQ M2. This paintball gun is fully licensed by Walther Arms. It is currently the latest generation of high-end training and marking systems used by the military for training purposes.

The design and handling of the gun are on another level such that it is very similar to the original Walther PPQ M2 marker. As you can see the PPQ is a replica of the real gun and looks every bit like the real deal as well.

The magazine-fed pistol provides you with the ability to fire both paintballs as well as rubber balls of the same .43 caliber. It is also powered by 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Each magazine is capable of holding up to 12 rounds of paintballs.

This marker is super accurate and very easy to use. The trigger pull of the gun feels very similar to a double-action trigger but internally it may be striker-fired so what this means is that you need to expect a longer trigger pull with a long rest and medium strength trigger weight.

This paintball pistol construction includes a metallic slide and quality barrel, a polymer finish on the grip, and an 8 round drop metallic magazine. It some amazing features because law enforcement also uses it for shooting practice as well.

We also like the fact that this marker includes a superb quality pneumatic blowback mechanism that provides you with a wider shooting preference. With this, you can switch into different balls like pepper-shots balls, powered balls, rubber balls, and paintballs.

Another great thing about this gun that you are not likely to find in other paintball pistols is the fixed foresight and adjustable rear sight. With this feature, you can simply increase the gun’s accuracy level by ensuring the aim and impact points and aligned.

If you take a close look you’ll realize that the PPQ pistol looks very identical to a real firearm, so you will need to be careful about carrying it outside of the battlefield.


  • Has a safety lock to prevent accidental firing
  • Looks feel and weigh like a real gun
  • .43 paintball pistol
  • Fires paintballs, rubbers, pepper shot balls, and dust balls
  • Realistic blowback
  • Semi-automatic firing modes


  • Long, medium-strength trigger pull


Different Types of Paintball Pistols

Here’s a quick guide on the different types of paintball pistols available so you can have an idea of what each gun have to offer:

Pump Paintball Pistol

The first category we have listed is the pump which is known to be the most basic type of paintball gun. These guns are simple in terms of design but very sturdy and durable. Base on the name you can tell how this marker operates, what you have to do is pull forward and backward in order to help you set the next paintball after making each shot.

Most old school players still rather using a pump paintball gun over the others on the market. The event that you will most likely see these types of gun is the Stock-class paintball event.

Semi-automatic Paintball Pistol

These types of paintball pistol also come under the basic paintball gun models as well. To make a shot, you have to pull the trigger. You can easily find these marker types in the market because of their basic design and simple functioning.

Nowadays you can find these markers in both manual and electro-pneumatic models. The semi-automatic tends to be very popular and they’re mostly used in entry-level paintball games.

Three Shot Burst Paintball Gun

The three-shot burst paintball gun also known as 3 round burst gun is much more advanced than the previous two. This gun has become well known because you can shoot three times continuously by just simply pressing the trigger once.

These electro-pneumatic paintball pistols are equipped with two firing modes including semi-automatic and three-shot burst. The main reason because these are not a popular option on the field is that you will have to constantly switch between firing modes. This is why this type is definitely not suitable for newbies because they are just starting out and will not be skilled enough to keep switching between two different modes in order to fire the same gun.

Ramping Paintball Gun

If you are searching for a fast-firing paintball pistol to use during battles, ramping models are totally the way to go, all you need to do is press the trigger continuously, and the firing rate will keep on increasing gradually. These ramping paintball pistols are best to use for fast shooting and are great for beginners as well as advanced players.

However, you should keep in mind that individual paintball tournaments may not allow these since their firing rate is capable of reaching up to 20 rounds per second. With this speed, it can cause serious injury or harm to your opponents on the field.

Fully Automatic Paintball Gun

These types of paintball guns are very similar to those of the ramping paintball pistols and they are also the go to choice when it comes to fast firing in the field.

As long as your fingers are on the trigger, the gun keeps firing at a constant rate. These pistols tend to have a defined rate of firing which means that you cannot control the shots fired per second.

If your goal is to find the perfect tournament friendly paintball pistol, then you will have to skip this category since these guns are often prohibited due to the risk of injuries.

Machine Gun Paintball Pistol

If you read online forums or you are in a private paintball community you’ll notice that a lot of people referred to this specific model as “machine gun” but it is not specifically a different type of paintball pistol. The truth is a lot of people in the paintball community doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

A machine gun is known to be a gun that has the ability to fire at a very fast speed. This would mean that ramping pistols, as well as a fully automatic paintball gun, would also fall under this category. With that said, this isn’t a new or separate category.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Paint Easily Wash Out?

The short answer is yes. If you wash your clothes after of day of playing, the paintball paint will wash out completely out of your clothing.

Q. How Old do I Need to be to Play Paintball?

In order to play the game, you have to be at least 10 years old.

However, once you are below the age of 18 you will have to sign a waiver for a guardian.

Q. Do I Need to Sign My Child Waiver?

Once your child is below the age limit you will have to sign a waiver in order for him/her to play.

Q. Does Paintball Hurt When Hit?

This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to paintball. Yes, it does hurt when you get hit but the pain will go away quickly. However, it all depends on the distance. If you were shot at a very close range it will certainly hurt more compare to a further distance.


So, now that you have all this knowledge, we are sure you’re more than ready to make your decision on the paintball pistol that you’ll be buying. But to make it much easier for you, we strongly believe that the Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Pistol is the best buy for the money. Firstly, these markers are very reliable and have an ergonomic design. They also come with a handgrip that fits well in hand and even feels more real compared to the others.

It really doesn’t matter which gun you choose to go with, because they’re all high end and totally worth the investment. The paintball markers on our list were chosen base on their quality, features, user ratings, and value for the money.

If you have any doubts regarding any of these paintball pistols, you should leave a comment down below and I would get back to you as soon as possible.

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