Best Paintball Harness – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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If you are looking for the best paintball harness for the money, then you’re in the right place.

Paintball harness is also known as paintball backpack, pod pack or ball hauler is very essential since you will be able to easily access your pods fill with paintballs or any tools you may need while on the battlefield.

These harnesses usually comes in many different colors at a very affordable price range. In this review guide, we have list some of the best paintball harness available on the market today.

If you are a beginner when it comes to buying paintball kits, then these reviews will act as a guide for you.

Best Paintball Harness

Paintball Harness RatingsPrice
Bunkerkings V5 Editor's Choice Check Price
HK Army Runner UpCheck Price
Carbon CCGreat Value Check Price
Carbon SCHigh Quality Check Price

1. Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness – Editor’s Choice

Best paintball harness
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The Bunkerkings V5 Supreme is without a doubt the best paintball harness on the market for the money. This harness is perfectly designed to give you easy access to all of your paintball supplies.

With its patented pod holding technology you will have the opportunity to load any kind of 135/165 pod with no adjustments needed. It’s super comfortable, versatile, secure and well built.

The comfort that this high-quality harness provides and reduced bouncing when running around the battlefield is what makes it one of the best harnesses you can invest in.

Most professional players in the world are fascinated by the quality of the Bunkerkings V5 Supreme harness and they really appreciate how well the elastic technology fits on their bodies.

The belt is pretty stable with its four-way lockdown system. We also like the fact that this high-end paintball harness comes with the strongest Velcro available which is capable of holding it super safe as you move around freely.

The best part is that the harness will not interfere with your gameplay, so you can continue being that quiet low key shooter on the field.


  • It’s quite comfortable and lightweight
  • Loops are made with precision
  • Has four way lock down system
  • Easy launching and gets immediate access to your pods


  • The belt is a bit for wider guys


2. HK Army Zero G Paintball Harness – Runner Up

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Another high-end paintball harness on the market is this HK Army Zero G. The company behind these harnesses have over 100 years of experience in the paintball industry. This new Zero G is definitely a step forward for the HK Army to continue improving the paintball world with quality products.

This superb quality harness is one of the most advanced, strapless harness you can find on the market today. Providing you with cutting edge, tension control technology, the Zero G is in a class of its own. This harness is one of the few that has been constantly promoted and used by many professionals players all over the world.

Located behind the anti-slip, lumbar support back padding, the Tension Control gives you the ability to freely adjust the Tension of the inner elastic of the pod holster. It even has a strapless system that allows you to insert and release pods with ease.

The Zero G harness is very comfortable, durable and extremely lightweight. It features a incorporates compress foam holster, built-in hip pad protection, dual adjustable elastic waistband, anti-slip lumbar support back padding, and a clean TPR finish on the exterior.

One of the biggest downside with this product is the fact that it’s on the expensive side so if you are on a tight budget this may not be the right harness for you.


  • Designed for high performance
  • The pods holder are adjustable
  • The material is very durable
  • Has lots of unique features


  • On the expensive side, Has loose slot


3. Carbon CC Paintball Harness – Great Value For The Money

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This Carbon CC is by far one of the best harness you can get your hands on. Its lightweight technology gives you the opportunity to easily move around in space, you can even glide, roll and jump without having to worry about your harness falling off.

It features elastic nylon components that will make sure you are always comfortable. We also like the fact that it can fit any body type, which makes it suitable for guys who are interested in playing paintball.

The harness also has four waist tension belt straps that are designed to keep them tight during gameplay while oversized lumbar support so it will not move freely while you are running around on the battlefield.

The profile of the pack is adjustable and it tends to constantly change each time you add or remove pods from it and because of this, you will be able to move around freely across the field without getting caught by your opponents.

The best part about the Carbon CC is that the pods can’t fall off, compared to other expensive harnesses on the market.


  • It’s pretty lightweight and comfortable
  • Pods can’t fall off
  • Fits almost any waist size
  • The belt keeps them tightly secured in order to prevent moving


  • May be expensive for some people


4. Carbon SC Paintball Harness – High Quality

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Last on our list is this high tech Carbon SC paintball harness. This harness is pretty comfortable and it tends to have the best ergonomic because of its 270 degrees of flexibility.

One of the most advanced features of the pack is that the profile changes as you add and remove paint pods which is a very similar Carbon CC paintball harness.

It’s extremely comfortable and this is due to the perforated foam and all the padded mesh. This is great since it lets the skin breathe which can be helpful during the hot summer days.

Another amazing feature of the Carbon SC is that the pods are far less likely to fall out of the pack even during intense battles.


  • Extremely low profile
  • Very lightweight, reliable and comfortable
  • Comes with non-slip silicone to keep it in place


  • Has a expensive price


Best Paintball Harness Buying Guide

It’s very important when purchasing a paintball harness that you do the right in-depth research and maybe go for one that has a few more pod loops. Also, since you will be wearing it for a long period of time you should definitely go for one with inside padding for extra comfort.

Here are a few more factors that you should consider when buying a harness for your needs:


This is probably one of the most important factors that you will need to consider when it comes to buying a paintball harness since weight plays an important role in paintball.

You should only invest in a harness that’s relatively lightweight and won’t tear up your hand in the process. I only recommend heavier harnesses for experience paintball players who have been in the sports for years.


Another important thing that you should keep in mind is the design. You should definitely go for a harness that has a simple and sleek design so that they are easy to set up and maneuver. Having a complicated design will make the setup very challenging and will consume most of your time and energy in order to get the job done. A simple design is also a great choice for beginners.


It would be best if you buy a harness that has a belt with a decent measurement. You don’t want one that’s too short or even too long either. Getting one that’s adjustable would be the best option since it will be able to fit wider waists of big guys.


The most important factor is to make sure you only buy your harness from reputable brands online or physical shop. Since you will be spending quite a bit, you want to make sure you get one that’s its high quality. A lot of people make the mistake of not checking the store and end up getting one that’s fake for the money.


The list consists of the best paintball harness on the market today. As you can see all the harness listed above is of good quality and they are all reasons for the reliability, durability, and features that they have to offer.

So now it is up to you to choose the best one that suits your needs. If I were to choose I would certainly go with the Bunkerkings V5 Supreme as it offers the best value for the money.

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