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Guess you’re one of those person who plays paintball very often and I can bet whenever you pull the trigger there’s not much force behind the paintballs. The main reason for this is because your gun is slowly losing pressure and you need to refill it with your air tank. But what will happen when your air tank runs out of pressure as well?

So, what are the best places to fill a paintball tank? There are many places that you can go to in order to get your paintball tank filled, but I recommend going to a sporting goods or a paintball shop, which can easily fill your tank for just a few dollars per 1,000 PSI. Other options are welding, scuba or fire extinguisher shops and simply ask them to use their CO2 tanks. If you want you can also use a scuba tank at your home to refill.

Before you make any arrangements to visit your local air tank and hope everything goes well, you need to learn a few more things about your air tank and what it does. So let’s go over a few guidelines for refilling your tank.

Best Places to Fill a Paintball Tank

Best Places to Fill a Paintball Tank

If you want you can also refill your paintball gun in the comfort of your home that’s if you have proper CO2 tanks with enough pressure. If your paintball gun doesn’t have enough air pressure I can guarantee that it won’t fire the way it supposed to. The downside is that you can’t just use any old air tank or compressor to fill up your tank to get in the game.

There are two specific types of tank and we will go over both of them for you.

Once you know about both tanks, we’re going to list the three best places that you can visit in order to refill your paintball tanks for a very reasonable price. We’ll make sure to rank them in order so you can work your way from the top of the list (that’s if the first option doesn’t fit your needs).

So What Exactly Are You Looking For

The first thing you need to know is that there are two major types of paintball air tanks: compressed air tanks and CO2 tanks. So let’s go over the difference between these two tanks.

Compressed Air Tanks – These types of tanks are more suitable for advanced paintball players looking to take their game to the next level and generate more power behind each shot. These are known to be a lot more expensive to purchase and refill and can only be refilled at your local paintball shop.

CO2 Tanks – These tanks are considered to be the basic air tanks and most often used by beginners who are just starting out. A huge benefit that comes with these tanks are that they are much cheaper to buy and refill and usually hold about 20 ounces of air. Another benefit is that you can refill these anywhere that there’s a high pressure air tank.

It is very important that you identify which type of tank you currently have before we even go over where you can refill them.

Why PSI is Important

Before refilling your tank you should keep in mind that not just any air tank will be able to fill your paintball tank. The reason for this is because you need to consider the PSI of your air tank as well as the PSI of the tool that you’re planning on using to refill it.

For example; if your paintball tank has a PSI of 2,000, using a refill tool that only has the opportunity to supply up to 200 PSI won’t have the ability to fill your tank.

This is why it is important that you find a refill station or a pump that has similar PSI to that of your air tank for your paintball gun. The best way to get the job done correctly is to visit a legitimate shop or stores that are built specifically to refill tanks.

1. At Your Local Sporting Goods Store or Paintball Pro Shop

When it comes to refilling your paintball tanks, the first place I would recommend visiting is your local sporting goods store or your local paintball pro shop. The main reason is because most of these stores tend to have both CO2 and compressed air refilling equipment.

We have realize that stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods offer refills up to 24 ounces for CO2 tanks, which exceeds the average of 20 ounces for this type of tanks.

If you found that your paintball gun is leaking CO2, then what you can do is either fix it at home or simply take it to a paintball specialist to fix it. With that said, you can also have your paintball gun, O-rings and air tank properly inspected by the professionals to make sure that they are working correctly.

You may be lucky enough to get a free refill that’s if you use their services on a regular basis, so it might be a good thing to play paintball very often which will lead you to refilling your tank.

Refilling your tank can be quite inexpensive, you’ll probably spend a dollar or two for every 1,000 PSI you’re using to fill your tank. So, expect to pay anywhere from $6 per refill.

2. At Other Local Shops

If you have a compressed air tank and you don’t live close to a sporting goods store or a paintball pro shop, you don’t have to worry. There are many other stores available that can refill your compressed air tank as well.

A few other stores that you can check out are scuba stores, welding shops, fire extinguisher shops and last but not least a oxygen supply store. Most stores will easily fill up your tank to 3,000 PSI, which is a lot higher than most paintball tanks need.

We also like the idea that you can either rent or buy your own scuba tank. This will give you the opportunity to refill your paintball gun’s air tank up to 20 times. This is a great option for those who live far away from local shops.

Another option is to check stores like Walmart, which you might find a few CO2 tanks that you can use to refill your own paintball air tank and actually have them filled by an professional.

3. At Your Home

Though this may not be the best method available, you can actually refill your air tank in the comfort of your home. But in order to make this possible you need to have access to your own scuba tank or any other type of high pressure compressed air tanks.

What you can do is invest in a fill station to connect to your air tank to the scuba tank. The major drawback that comes with this method, is that you have to constantly go back to the scuba shop in order to refill the scuba tank as well, although having your own personal tank will reduce the number of trips.

Here is a video that you can check out and learn more about how to fill your paintball CO2 tank at home.

Can You Fill a Paintball Tank At a Gas Station?

This process can be quite challenging, I know it may seem a bit easy to just head to your local gas station and use their air tank for a relatively cheap price (or even for free), I can guarantee that it won’t work the way you would want it to.

First you have to think about the recommended PSI you’re using to fill up your tires to keep them properly inflated. Most car tires tends to do well with a PSI between 30 and 35, though these tanks even has the ability to supply a PSI of 200.

With that said, when your air tank supports a PSI of at least 1,000, these air pumps at your local gas station just won’t work the way you would want them to and will only be capable of filling your air tank up to 200 PSI.


As you can see refilling your paintball tank can sometimes be a very easy task. The good news is that there are many places that you can go to refill your tanks for only a few dollars per 1,000 PSI. So even if you’re on a tight budget you shouldn’t face any problem with refilling your tanks regularly.

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