How to Fix a Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot – Easy Fixing!

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If you are having a problem with your paintball gun, you don’t have to worry because most of these problems can be easily fixed.

In this article, I’ve shared some steps on how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot.

How to Fix a Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot

Paintball guns are tricky and unpredictable pieces of equipment. Some paintball guns tend to be problem free for years, while other guns might have a problem on a regular basis and disappoint you in front of everyone during a paintball match.

Other than your mask, your paintball gun is arguably the most important equipment that you can go with to the battlefield.

Most paintball guns problem is not complicated and can be easily fixed with just a bit of knowledge.

If you attend a lot of paintball games (like myself), then you’ve probably noticed that there are lots of players who struggle with guns that won’t shoot.

These players normally have to sit at tables or walk on and off the field hoping someone will notice their problem and come to assist them.

The reason being is because they don’t have a clue on how to resolve the issue. Apart from dirty barrels or bad paint, there are several other reasons that can cause a paintball gun not to shoot.

How to Fix a Paintball Gun That Won't Shoot

Here is a Few Troubleshooting Tips

There seems to be quite a lot of paintball gun issues with standard blow style options such as Tippmanns and Spyders are very common.

The good news is that any player with a manual, working tool and a little knowledge of paintball guns should be able to easily fix it without much effort.

However, there are paintball guns that have some complicated issues that might require the assistance of an expert.

Nevertheless, you can still fix your paintball gun especially if you are a handy person. What I recommend is to go online and watch some videos or simply read some forums on troubleshooting.

You’ll notice through research that there are many issues that could cause a paintball gun not to shoot.

Therefore solving the problem definitely involved troubleshooting. The troubleshooting tips below should help to solve the problem you might be facing;

  1. The first thing you need to do is power up your marker. By simply powering up your marker, your gun should begin to start a fire right away.
  2. It could be that your ASA is disengaged which means engaging it can solve the issue.
  3. It might be that you have a flat/very low battery charge. It could also be that you are using one that’s of low quality. Replacing the battery might be the solution to your shooting problem.
  4. Maybe you’ve set the DWELL parameter too low. You should definitely try increasing it.
  5. You have an incorrect trigger setup. It’s best to adjust it so that it can fully open and close the microswitch.
  6. You might mistakenly enable the breach sensor but it doesn’t have any paint. In this case, you have to fill the loader with paint and check for blockages in the loader and feed tube.
  7. You’ve failed to plugged the pilot valve wire into its PCB port.
  8. You should check for damage PCB and replace it with new ones.
  9. Check for damage pilot valve. Replacing it offers a solution.
  10. If you have powered up the marker and it’s still not firing then it could be a sign of a permanently depressed trigger. In this case, it’s best to adjust the trigger until there’s the deactivation of its selected detection method when you release it.

As you can see by the list above there are many things that could result in a paintball gun not shooting. It could also be that the paintballs are not properly positioned in the gun.

If that’s the case, it means that you have a large diameter barrel and a small diameter paintball, which means that your barrel is too large for the paintballs.

There are a number of things that may prevent your paintball gun from re-cocking.

The simplest explanation is that the air tank is empty, all you have to do is check if it’s full and if not, then you have to replace it with a filled up tank.

If that is not the problem, make sure that your gun is clean inside and out. You should also check if there is any broken paintball stuck in the chamber from previous games.

If there is an existing paintball in the chamber, you might be having a gummed up hammer and bolt, so sliding may be a problem.

Cleaning and properly lubricating the internal of the paintball gun should be enough to fix the problem.

Paintball gun re-cocking failure may also stem from the hammer not having enough pressure. By simply increasing the tension on this part of the marker should fix the problem.

However, if the problem isn’t fixed, all you have to do is replace the hammer spring of the gun.

Also, don’t forget to examine the O-rings of the gun. Replace any worn out or broken pieces and test your marker again to see if the problem still persists.

Time to get an Expert Involved

If you have followed all the steps above and your gun still isn’t shooting, then it might be having some serious mechanical problems which mean an expert would be the right person to get the job done.

You should take it to a marker pro shop and let them examine it. If you’re lucky, the professional might fix the problem right away.

Bear in mind that sometimes these experts will have to order in some replacement parts that may take a few days to arrive.

Paintball Gun Maintenance

It’s always a great idea to maintain your marker properly than wait until it breaks down on the field.

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure you carry out cleaning or maintenance according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. Ensure you’re using the correct type of oil for your specific gun. Also, you should avoid disassembling your marker frequently, as it increases the risk of losing some bolts.
  • Secondly, before entering a paintball match, you should always oil the O-ring at the back and the front. However, don’t practice to do it excessively.
  • Always take the time out to clean your gun thoroughly after using it. Make sure to remove the CO2 tank first and avoid using any form of chemicals substance or abrasive to clean.
  • Keep your gun from direct sunlight in a dry, safe place at all times.


Although fixing your paintball gun issues might seem easy it’s always better to avoid having them.

Taking the time out of your day to maintain your marker properly will ensure that it’s in good condition at all times.

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