Best Paintball Places In Idaho (ID) – Places to Visit Today!

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If you’re in Idaho and is currently looking for some of the best paintball fields in Idaho then you are definitely in the right place. We have made a list of some of the best paintball places so that you have a much easier time in choosing the field that best suits your playing style.

Best Paintball Places In Idaho (ID)


1. Fast Eddy’s Paintball

Best Paintball Places In Idaho

Fast Eddy’s Paintball located in Blackfoot is one of the most fun paintball field where you can have a great experience with your friends and family. With this place comes a four acre woodsball field that’s packed with a lot of natural hazards as well as things such as obstacles and log bunkers. They even have a speedball field that is said to built with the help of their player base. Most of the community members actually came together and helped prep for the new field. With that said, this is actually a great way to create relationship with the community and maybe meet a few new teammates.

One thing we really like about this place is the fact that they are extremely affordable and it is even more better if you decide to being your own gear. You should keep in mind that they are a paint only park, so upon arrival you should be prepared to buy your own paint. With this place comes a few amazing staffs, superb community and some reasonable offers. As you can see Fast Eddy’s is a great place to shoot a few paintball. Before playing all players have to sign a waiver and if the player is under the age of 18, they will need to have their parents or guardian sign their signature. The waiver is currently available on the website for download.

Google Review: “Thank you for the hospitality, it’s always a pleasure to play at Fast Eddys Paintball, and staying/camping at the field makes it even more magical, the chickens, the rope swings, and the camp fires. I don’t remember a better woodsball field, I’ve been to a few.”

2. Bunker Village Paintball Idaho Falls

As the name suggests, Idaho Falls is the home of Bunker Village Paintball. We appreciate the fact that they have a pretty decent size field with a wide range of obstacles. Upon your visit you can expect to see hazards range from stacked giant tires and stools to pallet barriers and a two story fortress. Even though Bunker Village Paintball may not be the fanciest in Idaho compared to other paintball places, it’s still considered to be one of the most affordable field for paintball, so you can expect to get the best bang for the money.

Before visiting make sure you know their schedule as they are open Thursday evening, and Friday and Saturday all day. Also make sure to call before if you are going to need any type of rental gear. We really like the fact that their field have a lot of open space around it, so not only will you have a superb time, but also a great view as well. We strongly believe that Bunker Village Paintball is a wonderful place to spend your weekend with your friends and family. So if you’re in the state of Idaho you should definitely check this place out.

Keep in mind that Bunker Village Paintball requires a sign waiver from all of their players. If you are under the age of 18 and you are interested in playing, you’ll have to get a signature sign by your parents or guardian. The good news is that you can easily download the waiver off their official website.

Google Review: “Kyle and Mike both make this place legendary! They make sure that everyone has a fun and safe time. The rates are very affordable and the equipment is quality! I’m going to continue to bring both armatures and experienced players to this venue!”

3. Field of Fire North Paintball Adventures

First you should know that Field of Fire North Paintball Adventures is a long running paintball park in Rathdrum. They actually celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2018. Not only do they offer traditional paintball, but also Low Impact paintball. If you are afraid of the pain that comes with being hit by a paintball then you don’t have to worry because Low Impact normally utilizes a smaller caliber paintball and guns that fire at a lower velocity so it doesn’t hurt much when compared to Traditional paintball. Low Impact is the perfect choice for players below the age of 8 year old or players who are actually new to the game or nervous.

Field of Fire North is usually open on Saturday and Sunday, and they accepts reservations on weekdays. We really appreciate how affordable the price are and the good news is that you are allowed to bring your own paint if you want to. They even have an amazing woodsball field with some next level bunkers, including log cabin style bunkers and a lot of other natural hazards. Next thing you can keep an eye out for is their event since they host them.

The owners of Field of Fire North has been around since the beginning of paintball so they know exactly what they are doing. What you can do is take a visit this weekend for open play. All players before playing you have to submit a waiver. Also, players between the age of 8 and 17 must get the signature of a parent or guardian. It is said that players under the age of 10 cannot join open play and must take part in Low Impact. The waiver can be found on the official website.

Google Review: “Absolutely the best weekend I’ve had in years! Wish I could give 5 more stars to Field of Fire North Paintball. Super great staff vary professional and safety orientated, definitely a great way to spend the day with a super great group of guys Avenue 5 maintenance appreciation day!! Thanks guys for a great day of memories.”


As you can see we have put together a list so that you have a much easier time in making a solid decision. We wish you the best of luck on your paintball journey and we highly suggest that you take the time out to check these amazing paintball places since they offer some of the best bang for the money.

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