Best Paintball Places in Florida – Review Guide!

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Most people who are thinking of playing paintball for fun with their friends and family usually think paintball fields are just a place full of mud with a few odd trees, tires and obstacles, well that isn’t true. If it was that easy then a lot of people buy a few acres of land and claim it as a paintball field.

It’s good to know that Florida is one of those states in USA where paintball is very popular and in this post we are going to take a look at some of the best paintball places in Florida that are built for paintballers by professional paintballers.

Best Paintball Places in Florida


1. Orlando Paintball

Best Paintball Places in Florida

Orlando Paintball, located in Rose Avenue is without a doubt one of the best places in Florida where you can enjoy a game of paintball with your friends and family. They have a total of eight different types of indoor and outdoor fields which is great for close-quarters, quick, competitive play and long shooting range. If you’re an experienced player and your goal is to have a very intense match, then this is the place to be.

They are open all day throughout the week with extended hours for three days a week while offering some appealing discounts on reservations for group booking. We also appreciate the fact that they offer different types of membership plan and rental packages at a very reasonable price point. This place is also famous for birthday parties, corporate parties and bachelor parties.

Google Review: “My brother in law, my brother and I went Saturday we hadn’t been in a long time because of other reasons but like always had a blast. The staff members was very friendly and awesome. Had a very good time and think of going again in the nearby future. We like going here because of all of the different maps. Thank you guys.”

2. Hot Shots Paintball and Airsoft

Hot Shots Paintball and Airsoft, located in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida is one of the most ideal places to enjoy an amazing day of paintball with your friends or even by yourself. What’s unique about this place is that they are a field paint only facility, so you should plan on getting your paint there. They are pretty affordable and they also offer membership plans for both equipment holders and rental service holders.

The only downside with this place is that their paint is a bit on the pricey side, so if you’re on a tight budget this may be a problem. This is why we think it is best if you plan ahead before going. They currently have seven field in total and you can expect a few more in the near future. We really like the fact that they have two training fields for beginners and this is something that you rarely see.

Google Review: “Well worth the pain of getting shot had an amazing time. The courses are just extreme, really love the maze. The staff is cool as well and don’t rush you. They even let go over a hit since we started late and I really appreciate that. Definitely will be going again soon and this time I won’t get my butt kicked.”

3. Central Florida Paintball

Central Florida Paintball, located in Lakeland, FL, is an wonderful place to take your kids because of its kid-friendly paintball park that has some of the most amazing facilities. This paintball field is one of a kind and the reason for this is because it’s one of the few that actually has real woods paintball, forts, inflatable fields and hybrid fields.

They offer many different types of packages at a very reasonable price for different size of group which is very competitive. This is a great paintball park to keep an close eye on. They already have a great selection of fields to play, and they’re working on expanding in the future so that they can provide the best possible value to their players. Central Florida Paintball is also known to be a paint only facility, so you need to plan on buying your paintball once you’ve arrived.

Google Review: “We really loved the place! Cashier was super nice and everything was a blast!! We only wish they sold paintball guns, but they had a million rentals for you. Just went for the first time and there were about a dozen courses to choose from! Just get a few friends or make some as you roll.”

4. Extreme Rage Paintball Park

Extreme Rage Paintball Park, located in Hollywood, is rated as one of the best place in Florida to play paintball and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. This family owned business has been in business for over 20 years and it’s one of the most talked about paintball field in Florida.

Their field and rental fees are very fair, so if you’re on a tight budget you don’t have to worry. It’s a two wooded fields and single airball field are uniquely designed, adding characteristics like machine gun bunkers, tunnels and hills to enhance the paintball play. They also offers memberships, which will get you discounted rates, so if you’re a frequent paintballer, you should definitely take a look at that.

Google Review: “Great staff! Excellent timing for fields. We took our son and 8 of his friends for his 13th birthday and it was a success! We were hesitant on doing the high power guns but I’m glad we did. They left a few black and blues but the boys had a blast inflicting friendly pain. I even got in on the action and scored a few “cheetah spots” myself. Highly recommended!”


There you go, the list above consist of the best paintball places in Florida to play paintball with your friends and family. All the locations are quite amazing and I can guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience as well. They all have great customer service and offers some of the best discounts you can ask for. We wish you the best on your paintball journey.

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