5 Best Paintball Places in Houston – City Top Picks!

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There are many different places in which you can go with your friends and family to enjoy a game of paintball. Houston is known to be a hotspot for tourists and tends to have a lot of attractions and outdoor activities for outdoor enthusiasts like “myself”.

With summer just around the corner and so many places to choose from, don’t let this year pass by without enjoy a round a paintball. We’ve done hours of research for you and highlighted some of the best paintball places in Houston. For each paintball field we have provide a brief guide as well as few Google review, and made it easier for you to make a reservation.

Best Paintball Places in Houston

1. Urban War Zone Paintball

Best Paintball Places in Houston

This is without a doubt the best full-service paintball field available in Houston as we speak. It is located in downtown Houston. In this playing field you will have the opportunity to enjoy playing paintball with your friends and family and we can guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience.

The Urban War Zone is considered by many people to be the only place to offer unlimited private play which is quite amazing. So, if it it’s your birthday and you want to enjoy a game of paintball with your friends, you will have the option to the field for the entire day for your group.

Another thing we really like about this place is the fact that they ensure that you get a thermal mask on humid days which is pretty impressive.

Google Review: “My 12 year old son had his birthday here today and despite the place being hot…everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest . Big up’s to Chris (employee) who constantly checked on us and made sure everything was running smoothly, we really appreciate his kindness.. the rest of the employees were just as amazing, all on it. Josh who took care of helping me reserve for the day and answering all my questions, even when I thought I was being annoying…. if your looking to Paintball this is the place to be!!!!”

2. Paintball Bonanza

If you’re looking for a wonderful place to paintball with your friends then look no further than Paintball Bonanza. This is an outdoor paintball field that is located in Houston, near Jersey Village. It’s also known to be one of safest and most service oriented place to play paintball in Houston right now.

If your goal is to keep private parties, corporate parties, and birthday parties then this is definitely the place to be. The area is pretty huge which means you and your loved ones will have tons of fun activities during your visit. Thus family owned business also have a bunker, a kill house course and an amazing shooting range. One of the field even has a faux village. This is something I’m sure your kids will enjoy.

Google Review: “We had lots of fun. The field was pretty huge. There was plenty of space to maneuver. You will need plenty of off tho before embarking on this adventure. It’s quite affordable and there are picnic tables outside for you to enjoy a nice lunch on the property. They even provide you with a crash course before you hit the field. Its really a fun, engaging group activity. I would reccomend them to anyone. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.”

3. TXR Paintball

This is a wonderful place to book for a birthday party, a family get together or you might just want to go their by yourself to have some fun. This paintball field is known to be one of Houston top ranked paintball facilities and this is due to the fact that TXR offers a paintball experience for all levels players, so even if you’re planning on carrying your little ones on the journey they will also have a fun time.

Even if you’re a experience player, you will still enjoy your time at TXR paintball because they provide a regulation NXL field for those looking to play tournament. It has a land space of 75 acres, with many different type of activities to keep you active all day long. Another thing that keeps everyone coming is the fact that they host an amazing event know as the Houston Paintball League that keeps at least two time annually.

Google Review: “Had a great experience and we can’t wait to go back next summer!! I hadn’t ever played paintball before, but my husband got a coupon from work and we decided to check it out for a date night and I must say it was definitely worth it.

Other players that we saw seemed to be of all skill levels, which made me more comfortable & the employees worked hard to make sure we ALL had a fun time.”

4. Paintball Zone Houston

This is by far one of the best places to play paintball in Houston regardless of your age group. Comes with over 85 acres in land space and 14 courses, Paintball Zone is not only one of the best places but also one of the largest place to play paintball in Houston.

Paintball Zone is great for events such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, office parties and many more. This place is pretty affordable, although the price tends to varies base on the number of paintballs, refills and the length of the game. If you don’t have your own gears, you don’t have to worry, they will provide you with up to 200 paintballs, semi-automatic marker, CO2 tank and a mask.

Google Review: “This place is now new and improved! We have been visiting this establishment for years. The owner is super nice. We just left and took a tour and we are very impressed. They have a store now to purchase different guns, ammo, helmets and accessories to customize your equipment. Its so cool. We will definitely be playing again soon!!!”

5. Survival Game of Texas

If you’re looking for one of the top rated place where you can enjoy playing paintball both indoor and indoor, then this is definitely the place to be. The Survival Game of Texas has been building their reputation on the market for over 30 years now and is considered by many to be of one the top notched place in Houston.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, I can guarantee that you will have the best moments in this location. It has 47 acres of outdoor paintball field which is vast enough to be used by many groups at the same time. Whether your goal is to have a birthday party with family and friends, you can find enough space in this region to have a wonderful time.

Each rentals comes with a semi-automatic marker, facemask, goggles and paintballs. Apart from that, they also have additional rental equipments such as paintball grenades that explode and spray paint all over your opponents.

Google Review: “The staff was very helpful and explained the courses and suggested different games. All the equipments worked great, courses were well laid out. It was a great place to take my son, his friends and family for his 16th birthday. Very affordable priced. Thank you very much, we had a great time. Hope to go there again soon. Highly recommended.”


If you’re a paintball enthusiast like myself and are looking for some of the best locations in Houston, you can literally try any one in the list above. They are all quite amazing and I can guarantee that you will have a lovely time with your friends and family or even by yourself.

These places are also known to be well organized, and the customer service team are professional enough to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the day. While these focus on providing the best service ever, they do not charge exorbitant prices for their services.

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