Top 6 Fully Automatic Paintball Gun Models – Fully Compared & Reviewed

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Automatic paintball guns are a safe bet in a game zone. With this type of marker, you can fire at a rapid speed. The consistency and accuracy of firing an automatic paintball gun are also key features why many ballers prefer this over mechanical paintball guns. Additionally, automatic markers tend to be less loud than their mechanical counterparts.

Investing in a fully automatic paintball gun requires careful consideration. And with many fully automatic markers on the market today, we can’t blame you if you have trouble figuring out which one suits you best. So, we made this list of the top 6 fully automatic paintball gun models, carefully reviewed, and compared, to help you narrow down your choices.

1. HK Army Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Marker

HK Army Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Paintball Marker


Technically and figuratively, the best of the best automatic paintball markers come from HK Army. This custom-designed paintball gun uses a Breech Sensing Technology with a pneumatically latching spool, which helps the marker release accurate and controlled amounts of air. Such a mechanism makes this fully automatic paintball gun very efficient since it does not require any electronic adjustment. Its Gamma Core also has a three-stage bolt acceleration profile. This is a controlled mechanism that gently picks the ball and shoves it into the barrel. Additionally, the gas release is crafted to ensure that the low peak pressure is maintained at the back of the ball for a quiet and smooth shot.

There are also four levels of trigger adjustment, whichever the baller needs. What we truly like from this automatic paintball marker is its flashy design. It has the elegance fit for its price range, but also the functionality that each player needs to have in their paintball guns.


  • Impeccable design
  • Accessible batteries and breech sensor
  • Hoseless air transfer system
  • Toolless bolt removal
  • OLED user interface
  • Sturdy aluminum construction


  • Very expensive

2. Kingman Spyder Fenix

Kingman Spyder Fenix


One of the most budget-friendly choices for a fully automatic paintball gun is Kingman Spyder Fenix. It is pretty durable and versatile, which is a good pick for both a beginner and intermediate player. It is an improvement from the Spyder Pilot and Spyder Electra.

Though the Kingman company no longer exists, their famed markers are now under the company called GI Sports. The change of the company, however, did not change the strong capability of Kingman products. They are still popular among veteran players due to their durability and versatility. So, if you are looking for an efficient pick that won’t strain your budget this one is your safest bet.

Spyder Fenix features an EKO valve system, which allows you to use air sufficiently and consistently for 1600 shots with a 20 oz CO2 tank. It further features an electronic trigger frame so that you can easily switch to various firing modes: single shots, double shots, and rapid fire.


  • Semi auto & ramping fully automatic
  • Quick-release bolt
  • 11” micro ported barrel
  • Light and compact design
  • Fast charging battery
  • 3-way adjustable magnetic response trigger
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to find replacement parts

3. Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker


Valken M17 has a polymer encased steel construction. It has a mechanical firing system, thus, no battery is needed for its operation. But it provides you with both semi and fully automatic mechanical firing modes for the best possible gameplay. A Valken M17 marker needs 13ci/3000 psi Valken Compressed Air Tank. It also shoots .68 caliber paintballs. The best part of the Valken M17 is its magazine release, which works well for both left and right hands.

The blow forward system of M17 lends it with consistent and accurate firing. It also has a flat top designed with a scope or sight rail. The grip is made from a polymer AR-style pistol grip. Moreover, it includes laser foregrips as well as accessory rails intended for lights.


  • Easy handling
  • Accurate and consistent
  • Unswerving velocity
  • Two firing modes
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Accessory rails


  • Expensive

4. Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse Etha2 PAL Paintball Marker


A battery-free PAL loader system is the golden glory of this marker. It allows ballers to enjoy a good game by ensuring a first-rate performance from the paintball gun. With its battery-free PAL loader system, players have more liberty. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions but still works amazingly. So, even if you are playing under extreme heat or during the  harsh winter, you can guarantee that the composite external construction of the Etha2 PAL marker remains functional.

Though the interior is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the marker itself is lightweight to use. A player can control and maneuver this automatic paintball gun easily since it provides a sense of natural balance. This is quite a good choice for both beginner and experienced players alike.


  • PAL-enabled
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable construction
  • Trustworthy
  • Accurate and fast shots
  • Extremely functional


  • Expensive
  • Unattractive design

5. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun


Looking for a fully automatic paintball gun can be a challenge, but professionals already know which brands offer the best quality and performance markers. One of the most trusted automatic paintball gun models of professionals is Empire Axe 2.0. This marker can cover a range of long-distance firing without compromising target accuracy. It is also lightweight, which makes it comfortable and perfect for handling. The paintball gun comes with an extended handle where you can add more refills or adjust the length to fit your abilities.

The Empire paintball gun has a two-piece detachable barrel and an option to switch the air source adapter on and off when needed. The shockwave board provides a range of firing mode options. You can choose between a burst mode and a ramp. It also provides an option between semi automatic and fully automatic. One of the reasons why professionals prefer this marker above all else is because of its quiet firing that easily supports stealth attacks against paintball enemies.


  • Built to last
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast and long-distance shooting range
  • Snipper gun interface
  • Extended grip
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-chop eye system


  • Quite expensive

6. Maddog Dye Rize CZR Paintball Gun Marker Elite

Maddog Dye Rize CZR Paintball Gun Marker Elite


You don’t have to scramble looking for accessories and other paintball gear because the Maddog Dye Rize CZR comes equipped with a fully automatic paintball gun package! The package includes everything you need to get into the game zone in a flash. It contains an upgraded paintball mask, a 200-round paintball loader, a 48ci/3000psi compressed air paintball tank, a barrel squeegee, Maddog’s own pro-padded neck protector, a vertical paintball harness, and four standard paintball pods! With all these items in one buy, it is surely a treat for any baller.

When it comes to the actual paintball gun, you are guaranteed only the best and top-grade performance. The features of this automatic paintball gun promise excellent firepower that gives you an exemplary game. It has a nylon reinforced feed neck and an elongated body, the ergonomics of which lends to the comfortable and convenient use of the gun during any game. It also has four tournament firing modes, and you can adjust the fire rate conveniently too.


  • Easy to handle
  • Long distance range of shooting
  • Fast shooting rate
  • Anti-chop eye break beam eye system
  • Self-cleaning with integrated ball dents
  • Durable construction
  • Aluminum trigger
  • Patented fuse bolt spool valve technology


  • Fragile clamping feed neck

Buyer’s Guide for Fully Automatic Paintball Guns

Using a fully automatic paintball gun in a paintball battlefield gives stronger leverage against those who use semi automatic markers. Though fully automatic markers are more expensive and require professionals for upgrades and other services, owning one is a worthy investment especially if you are in love with the sport. Before you choose which marker suits you best, read the following considerations to help you choose the best paintball gun for you:


Every paintballer has their specific needs in the game zone. Before purchasing your fully automatic gun, you need to determine your playing style and the position you always play. Is shooting long range or short range your thing? Do you want to move around often? How often do you shoot? These questions as well as the paintball gun’s compatibility with you should be considered.

Durability and Reliability

You want your marker to last, that’s a given fact. That is why you need to be considerate about a product’s durability. Make sure that the construction is from sturdy materials that can withstand the test of time. It should also be durable enough that it can work well in all weather conditions. You do not want to be playing in the cold and suddenly your gun freezes!

As for reliability, you must check other people’s reviews and ratings for the marker you have set your eyes on before buying. Genuine reviews and ratings give you an idea about an automatic paintball gun and its performance. Has it let other people down in the middle of the game? Can it be trusted to fire powerfully, accurately, and fast? Normally, in-depth reviews of certain markers, as well as comparison reviews of paintball guns, will help you better in choosing the marker you truly want.

Features of an Automatic Paintball Gun

How long should the barrel be? Should it be a quiet and lightweight one? Must it fire a long range of distance? What are the other add-on features? Not all paintball guns are created equal. Some are far greater than the others, some have features that are uniquely their own, and some are more functional than others. Make sure that you have knowledge of the various features and specifications of the powerful paintball gun you want to buy.


Of course, price should always be considered whether you have more to spend or are working with a tighter budget. Not all expensive paintball guns equate to exemplary performance and not all affordable ones provide a great game either. Set your price range, and once you settle on how much you can spend on a marker, search for highly recommended ones in the price range of your choosing.

Conclusion to Buying the Best Automatic Paintball Gun

Nothing beats a thrilling and exciting paintball game! You can make your experience more enjoyable if you are fully equipped with the right gears, particularly the best automatic paintball gun. Do not rush into choosing the one to buy. Take your time and consider things very carefully. After all, most paintball guns are quite expensive, especially automatic ones. You do not want to waste your money on a good-for-nothing gun, right? Take your time and use our suggestions to help make the right choice.

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