The Top 10 Best Paintball Mask Models This Year – Reviews and Buying Guide

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In a market full of the best paintball mask, the array of choices can get overwhelming. Paintball masks or goggles are essential to protect players from paint capsules. Long before, players used any safety goggles that covered the face. But thanks to innovative technologies, you can have them less bulky and specially designed for paintball.

A paintball mask is an essential piece of gear that players should wear all the time. Otherwise, it places them at risk of injuries, not just from the capsule projectile but also from the splatter of paint. Paintballing is a military-like tactical and combat game that uses paint to hit the target. Getting shot in the head calls for elimination, which is why players often aim for the head. So for players, it is always safety first.

You deserve only the finest equipment for better gameplay, comfort, and protection. So, we scouted for the best paintball mask A-rated by most players. Thus, they made it into this list.

Best Paintball Mask Models to Look Out For

1. Empire EVS Hex Camo

Empire EVS Hex Camo





Considered the World’s First Smart Paintball Mask, the Empire EVS is a boon to players of all skills and expertise. It is at the forefront of design and offers an expansive selection of stylish goggles. The wide view lens is seamlessly integrated into the goggles to offer 270° of peripheral vision. Unlike most masks, the lens comes in a spherical shape for distortion-free vision. It is ASTM-approved for maximum eye protection with its anti-reflective 100% UV blockage.

To solve any fogging issues, the goggles on this face mask have a standard thermal goggle lens and quick tool-free lens replacement. As a paintball player, you will also like how the Empire paintball mask is flexible and has a co-injection bottom skirt that encourages ball bounces. It increases the breathability within the mask. For maximum comfort, it has a thermo-foamed ear and a silicone back strap for a non-slip grip.

The line of Empire EVS masks is fast-selling not just because of its cool and badass design. Its cutting-edge technology, protection, and comfort are everything a player will look for in a paintball thermal protector goggle. No doubt, this is one of the top picks as the best paintball mask for all levels of expertise.


  • Cutting-edge design
  • Maximum protection
  • Better breathability
  • Widest field of view
  • Includes a bonus thermal lens
  • Quick and tool-free replacement


  • Expensive

2. G.I. Sports V-Force Paintball Mask

G.I. Sports V-Force Paintball Mask


One of the basic things to consider in the best paintball mask is its feature for vision. The mask should protect your eyes without compromising your sight, giving you a better view of the game. It should also be stable for a comfortable fit.

G.I. Sports Field Paintball Mask is just the right mask for paintball field games. It has a thermo-cured lens that offers a clear, reliable, and better vision for a player’s great advantage. This feature guarantees durability against any impact and scratches. It further prevents bothersome fogging of the lenses.

This full-face mask gives rigid protection not just for the face but also for the ears and forehead. It has a bio fit frame and adjustable strap for a secure fit on any user’s head. A comfortable foam cushion around the eyes and ears prevents cramping up inside the helmet. It also offers clearance for players wearing glasses to still wear them. For added comfort, it has louvered vents that will draw out the warm air from the interior to prevent that soggy feel. And with fast-drying cell foam, sweat and wetness become more bearable.

Generally, the G.I. sports V-Force Armor is the best paintball mask that provides optimum exterior protection and inside comfort.


  • Rigid full-face protection
  • Impact-resistant
  • Reliable
  • Visor shading for lens protection
  • With quick-change lens
  • Adjustable fit
  • Best quality for the price


  • Too small for an adult with glasses

3. Virtue Vio Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue Vio Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask


Boasting high-end performance for a mid-range price, the Virtue Vio paintball mask lives up to this principle. It combines protection, visibility, breathability, and comfort in single-piece goggles. In addition to its flagship paintball guns and loaders, Virtue also has a complete lineup of paintball gears. It has a wide selection of affordable and high-quality goggles like the Virtue Vio Ascend. Virtue paintball masks are designed lightweight, comfortable, and come in many stylish colors.

Virtue Vio uses durable ABS material that is impact-resistant and lightweight for highly manageable gear in the gameplay. It has a flexible rigid protection zone with wide coverage for increased efficiency. The large peripheral view provides an excellent range of distortion-free vision for optical clarity and improved visibility. Virtue Vio’s thermal lens also has 100% UV protection.

If you are an avid paintball player, you know that breathability also matters in a good paintball mask. Not only does it provide better ventilation and head protection, but it should also enable the player to transmit voice. Virtue Vio has a louvered vent in the lower portion that extends up to the ear. It helps in better hearing and speaking while promoting better breathing.


  • Large peripheral view
  • Distortion-free lens
  • Rigid and flexible
  • With removable dual layer eye foam
  • Compatible and upgradable to VIO line of products
  • Maximum ventilation and voice transmission
  • Lightweight, rigid and flexible


  • Needs add-on purchase for peripherals
  • Not available in multiple sizes
  • Not built in a modular frame

4. Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye Precision i4 Thermal Paintball Goggle


Dye Precision i4 is one of the top-rated products for the best paintball mask. It is cleverly designed with anatomically correct construction to suit facial profiles for utmost comfort. It has a peripheral vision that spans a wide angle of sight, the best one in the market so far. Combine it with the optically correct toroidal lens, and you get the tactical gear you deserve in your game. The i4 has an anti fog lens for all-weather use.

Aside from its visual performance, players also choose the Dye Precision i4 for its light but resilient build. Most paintball masks weigh around 1 to 2 pounds. But the i4 is extremely lightweight at hardly 0.6 pounds (0.3 kg). Its breathability and comfort are undisputed even through long hours of play.

Dye Precision i4 also has a multi-directional Scream Venting to enhance team communication. It also has a compression-formed earpiece for maximum ear protection and excellent moisture evaporation. The i4 is the best paintball mask preferred by elite players. No wonder that these are the official goggles of the Los Angeles Ironmen professional team.


  • High-end
  • With tiger-teeth buckle
  • Anatomically correct construction
  • Rapid lens change
  • Anti-fog dye thermal lens
  • Compression formed ears
  • Scream multi-directional venting


  • Expensive
  • Quite small for adult
  • Cannot cover the forehead entirely

5. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle

Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle


If you want a professional-grade paintball mask for a decent price, the Valken MI-7 is the one for you. It matches the durability of high-price range goggles without compromising its protection features. This mask is ideal for an intense grind, with a double-layer foam ear and frameset. The double-pane thermal lens system has a hard coat lens treatment and uses scratch-resistant polycarbonate. It also has ultimate visibility with 160° vertical and 260° horizontal vision.

The mean-looking sculpted visor is not only optimized for shade but also a maximum paintball deflection. For extra performance, it has an ultra-double integrated strap and a patented quick-change lens-release system for quick and precise lens changing.

Another best feature of the Valken is its full helmet covering the entire head. It makes it a versatile and universal head protection gear for various outdoor sports. So, aside from paintball, you may also use this in airsoft, snowmobile, and other stringent outdoor games. The visor or top portion is removable so the user can adjust the level of comfort.


  • Double-layer foam protection
  • Premium micro-stitch strap
  • ASTM and CE certification
  • High-density injected polyethylene construction
  • Extreme vision
  • Anti-scratch, anti fog lens
  • Quick lens release system
  • Removable visor
  • Affordable price


  • May have fit and comfort issues for large head users

6. Empire Paintball X-ray Single Lens Goggle

Empire Paintball X-ray Single Lens Goggle


Another of the best paintball masks from Empire is the X-ray Single Lens Goggles. It is one of the best budget products of Empire with incredible quality. X-ray Single Lens is a hard plastic composite material that serves as a solid faceplate for impact protection. Unlike the high-end goggles, it cannot bounce paintballs but still offers durable full-face protection. It has a visor, skullcap shield, and guard, which is decent enough in resisting impact.

Full-head gear that is too confining produces sweat and fog. But both are inevitable occurrences that you can reduce by choosing the best paintball mask. Empire X-ray does not fall short of this feature with its louvered vents and hypoallergenic foam. The visor and skullcap are also removable if you want a refreshing breath if things get stuffy inside.

This budget paintball mask is ideal for casual paintball players and may not be ideal for regular ballers. It is comfortable enough with weight distributed evenly across the surface. It further prevents the issue of masks sliding off and shifting during the game.


  • Anti-fog clear single lens
  • Solid faceplate
  • Adjustable strap
  • Louvered vents
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable lens


  • Too narrow
  • Not a universal fit

7. JT 23261 Elite Prime Single Goggles

JT 23261 Elite Prime Single Goggles


If you want something that looks edgy but does not break the bank, you can cash out the JT Elite Prime. Beginners and casual players love this paintball mask. The single-lens goggles combine the functionality of the mask with an aggressive design. Instead of holes and louvers, it incorporates a crisscross vent for a lightweight and breathable construction. This vent extends from the mouth to the ear area for improved hearing and voice transmissions.

The JT 23261 Elite has a fog-resistant lens that offers about 180 to 190 fields of vision. It is a great mask for all-weather play with its integrated visor. It is cleverly crafted wide enough to provide sun and glare protection.

Its flexible structure provides the wearer with better comfort and safety. It has a narrower and slimmer frame that fits narrow faces as well. With a proper fit, it stays secure and does its job of protecting the player well enough.


  • Best for budget
  • Functional features
  • Aggressive design
  • Crisscross mouth-to-ear vent
  • With integrated visor
  • Wide range of vision
  • Flexible construction


  • Narrow design

8. Dye i5 Paintball Mask

Dye i5 Paintball Mask


Photos and videos are also an important part of any outdoor sports and adventure. Filming the fun makes it more thrilling and competitive that is why players almost always invest in small action cameras. Dye i5 is a step-up paintball mask to accommodate the players’ needs. Where players are always looking for a camera mount, Dye i5 integrated a universal heads-up POV mount for the purpose. You can use it to mount any compatible action camera to keep the fun rolling.

i5 is considered the apex of paintball mask technology. To lessen the bulkiness of ear foam, it replaces it with a compression-formed earpiece for a lightweight feel and better sound processing. It is also engineered with the same technology and built as the Dye i4.

But here is the biggest catch: the i5 is synced with e.VOKE wireless air technology. It is a plug-and-go kit where the i5 and the Dye M2 marker can communicate and receive vital game info. It feeds players with automated audio alerts and reports for better game advantage. This is the next evolution in paintball gaming pioneered by Dye to take the game to a whole new level.


  • VOKE Compatible
  • POV mount
  • GSR Pro Strap
  • Anti-fog Dyetanium lens
  • Sound catch
  • Ultralite construction
  • Anatomic fit
  • New evolution protection and comfort technology


  • Expensive

9. Bunkerings CMD Paintball Mask

Bunkerings CMD Paintball Mask


Built around the concept of breath, see, and communicating, the Bunkerings CMD lives up to its principle. It is designed with extreme comfort in mind and has multi-directional air exhaust zones with about 300% better breathability. The massive air flow creates effective ventilation that pushes all moisture and warm air out. Simultaneously, it reduces fogging of the lens from inside the goggles.

This CMD paintball mask also has a revolutionary micro-visor as an extra layer of defense for the lens. It prevents scratches, reduces glare, and prevents moisture from leaking inside the mask. For supreme comfort, it incorporates an extra layer of plush microfiber.

For better communication, Bunkerings use anatomically and geometrically correct measurements and flexible materials for superior mouth clearance. With an aggressive look, supreme comfort, and strong grip, it is in no doubt the best paintball mask in Bunkerings lineup.


  • Better communication and acoustics
  • Anti-fog performance
  • With integrated micro-visor
  • Anatomical faceplate
  • Supreme comfort and protection


  • Expensive

10. VForce Grill Special Edition Paintball Goggle

VForce Grill Special Edition Paintball Goggle


The colorway street magenta with metamorph lens is a standout in the paintball field. This V-Force Grill Special Edition is a sleek and functional gear to rank as the best paintball mask. It has a tight look, light build, and excellent line of the vision system.

Everything about this mask values the player agility needed for every game. Its click-dry foam system enables quick swap into dry and fresh and quick foam change. It also has a quick-release system for thermal lens swapping, along with the Quick Strap Change system.

V-Force is lightweight, durable, and has an ultra-low profile to reduce the target zone. It has everything a player needs and wants in a paintball mask. It has a distortion-free spherical lens, silicone head strap, and a pro-visor for better weather protection.


  • Tight and light
  • With a revolutionary quick-change system
  • Wide peripheral vision
  • Increased stability
  • Distortion-free thermal lens


  • Expensive price range

Best Paintball Mask Buying Guide

Protecting your face, eyes, and head is crucial in every paintball game. Paintball projectile and trajectory can risk severe head damage or blindness from the paint splatter. That is why you need only the best paintball mask that can provide optimum protection and safety more than anything else.

Before buying your first mask or swapping for a new one, consider this essential list of considerations.


Durability is one of the considerations players should prioritize in a paintball mask and is defined by the quality of the material. It should be able to resist impact and be able to deflect balls. Hard plastics are rigid, but they do not usually handle ball bounces better. So, opt for flexible and high-end materials for the frame and shatter-free polycarbonate for the lenses.


The peripheral vision that paintball goggles offer is crucial in the tactical aspect of the game. It should be wide enough to cover an angle of the area and does not compromise your vertical line of sight. Thermal and anti-fog lenses are what make up the best paintball mask. It allows the player to clean up quickly and effectively get back into the game.


The confined space within the helmet risks fogging if there is no proper ventilation. It also compromises voice transmission and breathing if the mask has limited vents. Masks with vents in front of the chin that can still block the paintball from penetrating the face are an excellent choice.

Ear Protection

Aside from the eyes, the ears are also in the line of paintball fire. Thus, you should also consider ear comfort and protection. The mask should cover the ear and come with extra foam padding to absorb shock. Though critical, the padding should be less bulky to give the helmet better stability.


Speaking of stability, players should also decide on the weight of the goggles. The lighter the mask, the better the player can move around. But lightweight does not also mean skimping on materials. It all goes back to choosing durability along with the mask’s weight and stability.


The market has a variety of paintball masks for all levels of expertise. More than the design and style, it is a must to consider the safety and comfort features for the best paintball mask. The price range for a paintball mask varies widely. But if you are keen on details, you can still score masks that are well worth their price. It always boils down to doing little research and scrutinizing customer feedback and reviews.

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