How to Choose a Paintball Air Compressor to Fill Your Tanks at Home

How to Choose a Paintball Air Compressor

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Paintball is a fast-paced game that requires strategy while following the rules. A paintball air compressor keeps the game going, and having an air compressor at home eliminates seeking professional help for a refill.

This guide will help you choose a paintball air compressor to fill your tanks at home. Refilling an air tank is like filling or pumping air into tires. You need an air compressor with the right amount of pressure so you can drive the car, so to speak.

What is a Paintball Air Compressor?

The gas in the air compressor tank does not last forever, and you have to refill it once it is empty, and you need an air compressor to do so. The compressed air in the tank pushes pellets from the paintball shotgun and launches itself on the target.

Once this air runs out, you cannot keep shooting until you refill the paintball gun air tank, unless you use an air compressor to refill the air, which will build the force to push the pellet out of the gun.

Types of Air Compressor Tanks

Types of Air Compressor Tanks

Just like any gadget, there are some things to keep in mind before you choose an air compressor tank.

There are two types of paintball air compressors. One is the high-pressure compressor air or HPA tank, and the other is carbon dioxide or CO2 tank.

HPA tanks and CO2 tanks have a few differences between them, but both do the same job: fill the compressed air tank to propel the pellets so you can keep playing.

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High-Pressure Compressor Air Paintball Tank

HPA paintball tanks have filtered breathable air called highly pressurized oxygen. Different sizes and air capacities are available. The highest capacity of an HPA compressor is 5,000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

These gas tanks are designed for advanced games and players. Players who want to take their game to the next level and feel the power of each shot prefer this compressor. You can find them at any local shop as they are expensive and you can get the refills there. Here’s how they work.

Carbon Dioxide Paintball Tanks

These tanks contain carbon dioxide in its liquid state. When compressed, it turns into gas. You can find different sizes of these tanks ranging from 3.5 to 40 ounces.

Beginners usually prefer these tanks. They are also economical, and you can refill them with high pressure air at most paintball refill stations.

How to Choose a Paintball Air Compressor

How to Choose a Paintball Air Compressor

Choosing a paintball air compressor is highly dependent on the type of tank you have. Once you are ready to make the purchase, here are a few things to consider:


Not just any compressor can refill your paintball tank. You need a one specially designed for the job. Why? Because of the PSI of your air tank. The PSI of the compressor that you plan to use is also important.

For instance, if you use a tank with a PSI of 2500 and a compressor that only supplies 200 PSI, the compressor is not powerful enough to do the job. You need an air tank and air compressor that share the same capacity for a refill.

Power Source

You have two options when it comes to choosing a power source, gasoline or electric. Most people prefer electric as it makes less noise, and since they are smaller, you can operate them easily. However, you can always opt for a gasoline-powered compressor if you want a high flow rate and have space for a large compressor.

Flow Rate

Flow rate is another important thing to consider when choosing an air compressor. The flow rate of a compressor determines how fast your tank can be filled. The higher the rate is, the less time it takes to fill up the tank.

How to Refill the Tank Using a Compressor

While the basic steps behind all the compressors are the same, in some cases, they might vary, so make sure you read the instructions that come with the tank you chose. Here is a general outline of how to refill the tank with a compressor.

Check the capacity of the tank.

Before filling up the tank, make sure you know the capacity or the maximum PSI for the tank. It is written and usually between 4,500 to 5,000 PSI. Do not fill the tank beyond its limits.

Empty the tank.

Release any residual air from the tank to avoid any hazard. Just open the air compressor air valve and empty the tank in a ventilated area to avoid breathing problems.

Connect the tank with the air compressor.

Now that you have released the air, connect the tank with the compressor. You have to connect the nozzle of the tank with the nozzle of the compressor. Make sure the connection is secure to prevent leaking.

Watch both gauges.

There are two gauges, one on your tank and the other on the compressor. Keep an eye on both of them. Keep counter-checking as you do not know which gauge might be broken or inaccurate.

Avoid hot fill.

Be patient while filling up the tank. People often rush it, which is called a hot fill. It can damage your tank, so you should avoid doing it.

Release the extra air.

After refilling the tank, any excess air might create issues later. You can release it by pressing the release button on the compressor. If you miss this step, it can cause issues with the tank, and you might have to replace it.

Disconnect the hose.

After you are done filling the tank, detach the hose from the tank’s nipple, and keep the compressor in a safe place.

Choose your Paintball Air Compressor Wisely

A paintball tank runs out of air, and you can only use the paintball gun once the tank is refilled. The process is pretty simple, but you need a paintball air compressor to get the job done. With these tips, you can find a paintball air compressor suitable for your tank and get back on the paintball field.

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