Empire Axe Pro Review – Top Rated Paintball Gun

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Empire is one of the most popular brands in the paintball industry and is also known to create some of the best paintball guns you can find for the money.

When it comes to buying a paintball gun everybody looks to invest in one that’s affordable, reliable and has the ability to perform well.

If you’re looking for a high-end paintball gun that comes at a reasonable price, the Empire Axe Pro paintball gun should be the right choice for you.

Empire Axe Pro Review

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04/06/2024 08:35 am GMT

This paintball marker has a great design which makes it a lot easier to maneuver and more powerful. A few people had complained that they felt like the Empire Axe pro weren’t easy to use and tend to distract them during the gameplay.

The company has done tons of testing to make the gun smoother and simpler to operate so that you stay focused.

One of the things that we really like about this marker is that it has improved waterproofing and a better functioning trigger. These improvements and new features make the Empire Axe Pro one of the most anticipated paintball guns on the market.



This paintball marker has a pretty eye-catching design. Although a lot of paintball players tend to dislike the aesthetics of their gun, some may find themselves liking the appearance of this marker. For this reason, you can see why people spend big bucks on this gun.

Instead of sharp angles, the Empire Axe Pro now has more curves to make it more streamlined. This marker also comes in many different colors such as blue, silver-green, dark tan red and black.

The original Axe comes with a one-piece and 12-inch barrel while the newer version has two pieces and a 14-inch barrel. This new feature gives you more space so that you can easily wrap your hand around it with a firm grip with a non-slip protection feature.

With other paintball guns, the grip has a flat panel which decreases their reliability but makes the gun has a more affordable price tag.


This newer model paintball marker is a bit lighter compared to the original Axe. It weighs around 2 lbs and 3.4 ounces whereas the original Axe weighs 2 lbs and 5.1.

As you can see you won’t feel the difference because it’s just by a small margin in terms of weight.

The marker is long-lasting and the frame is metallic which means the gun will surely last you for several years without you having to experience any major problems.

The lighter the marker the better it is for you since you will have the ability to carry it around for a long period of time without getting tired quickly.


This paintball marker is extremely reliable. If you ever meet someone who has owned an Empire Axe Pro can testify that it will never let you down on the battlefield.

Most markers on the market have a low-reliability factor when it comes to breaking down on a regular basis. These will often lead to costly repairs, which is why it’s always best to invest in an Empire Axe Pro paintball gun since you won’t have to worry about the gun letting you down.

Another bonus is all the parts of the marker is made of very high-quality materials.


This superb quality paintball gun comes with a standard bore size of .688 which helps it achieve more efficiency as well as accuracy at the same time. The gun is super smooth, the shots are accurate and the marker is very easy to use in general. The gun operator at extremely low pressure and with its unique anti-chop type eyes, you will certainly feel motivated to fire delicate shots. Base on user reviews, most people who have used this marker were able to fire over 5,000 paintballs without breaking anyone of them.

There are many different types of firing modes including semi, PSP ramping and millennium ramping. The only downside with this is that most fields only allow you to use semi-auto.

With that said, the original Axe had a feed neck with a body clamp style that had a screw clamping onto the body, but that’s not the case with this newer model since its feed neck is threaded onto the body which makes it a lot more efficient.

This model also comes equipped with a smaller relay system that helps to save time and makes the gun lighter as well, the relay system helps in taking off the gun bottle.

This paintball marker is the best choice when it comes to competitive play and you will be able to come with less paint on your clothing.

Empire Axe pro review


For most players, the sound of the marker has always been a major concern on the playfield. You certainly don’t want to have a paintball gun that’s loud as it will give up your location making it much easier for your opponents.

I can assure you that with this high-end paintball marker you don’t have to worry about sound. It tends to be extremely silent and this will also give you an advantage because you will be able to move around the battlefield freely without getting caught.

This will certainly help you to improve your score and over time you will eventually become one of the most feared members of your team.

Disassembly and Maintenance

I can guarantee that you won’t have any problem cleaning this gun even if you are a complete beginner. The Axe Pro features a one-step push button bolt removal system, it’s much easier compared to the original Axe bolt system removal system where you had to twist the knob while pushing on the button. The new system that comes with the newer version only requires you to push the button.

Once you push the button, you will have depressed the ball bearing which provides access to the engine from the backside. When you look in the back, the engine will appear like one heavy object with lots of o-ring attached to it. You will be surprised by how easy it is to disassemble and reassemble it after cleaning.


Otherwise from the sound of the marker another thing that most people are concerned about is the warranty that comes with the gun. No one wants to invest their hard-earned cash into a gun that is not covered by the company they purchase it from.

With that said, Empire offers a full 30-day warranty with all of its products so you can return it if you have any problem.


The Empire Axe Pro is without a doubt one of the best paintball guns out there on the market. This newer version is by far more advanced in terms of features and qualities compared to the original Axe.

It’s super easy to shoot with amazing accuracy and the shots can be fired rapidly without experiencing any delays or breakdowns in the process.

In addition to that, the gun is very easy to service as you can easily disassemble and reassemble it within minutes.

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