Planet Eclipse GTEK Review – Read Before Buying!!

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There are many different paintball guns to choose from on the market. Some of these guns are known to provide the best performance possible that most players are after.

This is why we have decided to review the Planet Eclipse GTEK, to see if it had made the list of one of the best marker available.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out and planning on just playing paintball with your friends, you always want to perform as best as you can.

There are only a few markers available that will provide you with the ability to do so, many players are looking for the best paintball gun , that not only provides superb performance but also fit their budget.

Planet Eclipse GTEK Review

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First, let’s talk about the design of the Planet Eclipse GTEK. It has a pretty eye catching frame and a low profile body weighing as little as 2 lbs.

It’s made with high-quality aluminum, featuring composite parts that have gone through multiple tests and performed well under extreme circumstances.

This paintball gun was repeatedly placed in storage at a temperature as low as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days. Each time the Eclipse GTEK was taken out, it fired immediately.

During all these tests, the gun never failed to lost velocity and always functioned well.



This marker is considered to be pretty lightweight and compact, it only weighs about 2 lbs. In terms of size, it’s 27.7 inches long including its barrel and has a height of 8.1 inches.

Base on the weight and size of the gun, it should be extremely easy to carry around without easily getting tired. If you have ever carried around a heavy paintball gun before you know just how tiring it can be.

However, Its lightness is certainly an indication that it is flimsy, but on the other side, it is surely one of the most versatile markers available on the market that has undergone multiple testing without experiencing any issues.

As you can see, the Planet Eclipse GTEK  doesn’t have any major downside, it weighs less than most paintball guns on the market and this is a huge bonus to many paintball lovers.

Planet Eclipse GTEK Review


When it comes to saving the air, we all know just important this can be. While on the battlefield, the air is something that can make your team stronger or even break it apart. Well, you don’t have to worry since the Eclipse GTEK only use as little air as possible.

This is due to its lower than normal operating pressure, that its Gamma Core drive train provides, clocking in at a low 135 psi.

The Gamma core helps to utilize the air it is using to fire each shot, as you can see this paintball gun saves a ton of valuable air.

This helps to trap as much as 30 psi of air with every shot taken! Not many paintball gun out there is capable of achieving this kind of efficiency.

So if efficiency is one of your main concerns while on the playground you might as well consider getting this marker.


If you are a newbie that’s new to the world of paintball, then you might be asking yourself what sound have to do with your gun? But for those who have been playing the sports for years know that the quieter the gun the better it is for you while on the battlefield.

If your goal is to sneak up on your enemies, then it’s always best to invest in a paintball marker that is super quiet. This is where the Planet Eclipse GTEK comes into play.

This gun does not only perform well but it is also relatively quiet. It offers a Gama core drivetrain that operates at only 135 PSI making it one of the quietest markers you can get for the money.

Even with all, it’s high-end features, the Eclipse GTEK still manages to stay extremely quiet while firing. It’s always great when you’re able to make a few close-range shot without alarming other members of the opposing team.


One of the things that we find really interesting is how durable this Eclipse GTEK paintball marker is. During the testing phase of constantly firing multiple rounds, we noticed that this marker amounted to the tens of thousands without lubrication.

This gun has one of the best bolts that you can find on any paintball gun. The Gomma core is extremely soft on brittle paint which means no mess to clean up while keeping you in the game longer.


This marker comes packed with a lot of cool accessories that can help improve your paintball experience. As mentioned above The Eclipse GTEK features a Gomma core drive train that helps to enhance your shooting performance while maintaining efficiency during firing.

The GTEK also has a Clamping Feed neck to keep the hopper tight and compact. Let’s not forget the well-positioned rubber grips on the frame for added comfort and handling.

This gun even uses an interactive LED board that gives you the ability to set the gun in different modes. This circuit board can be easily upgraded to OLED capacity readily and cheaply without needing to replace the whole thing.


This marker is generally a more affordable option when compared to other competitors. It’s quite easy to disassemble in case if an issue occur while using it, allowing you to easily access the main internal parts.

The mechanical system of this marker also requires little to no maintenance, meaning it can last you for a long time without having to worry about any issues. Aside from cleaning the gun regularly, you also need to oil the O-rings – it’s best to do this after using the marker.


Of the worst thing is to invest in a marker that doesn’t come with a warranty or just to find out that a few weeks after purchasing it has gone out of warranty. This will never be the case with the Eclipse GTEK.

Like all other Planet guns, this model also comes with a very generous 12 month warranty. So not only can repairs be handled by Planet themselves, but a number of authorized resellers and specialists can repair it under warranty for you as well.

So if you ever encounter a problem with your Eclipse GTEK, all you have to do is simply contact the gun within the 12 months and you should be on the safe side.


As mentioned earlier, when it comes to paintball, it’s always best to invest in a marker that will help to enhance your gameplay. Among many paintball markers on the market, the Planet Eclipse GTEK is in a class of its own.

It’s pretty easy to maneuver and coming at this price, you certainly can’t go wrong with getting one of this beast. It has tons of features and is known to be an all-rounder.

It’s super reliable and provides the performance most players are seeking. It can be easily maintained and upgrade over time, we consider this paintball gun to be the best value for the money.

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