Best Paintball Gun Under $500 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Are you searching for the best paintball gun under 500? There are lots of different paintball guns available on the market today. This is why picking the best paintball gun for you can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

Playing paintball can be quite fun and addictive as well. At least it is for me! When I was just starting out in the sport I used to rent a paintball gun each time I went to play.

So when I finally saved up enough money to buy a paintball gun and I was searching online it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. There were lots of paintball guns available and I didn’t know which one to put my trust in.

This is why in this review article I’ve put together a list of the best paintball guns so that I can help you to skip all the research and confusion.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Best Paintball Gun Under $500

Paintball Gun RatingsPrice
Planet Etha 2Editor's Choice Check Price
Empire Axe Great Value Check Price
Tippmann TMC Great Performance Check Price

1. Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Editor’s Choice

Best paintball gun under $500
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The Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is probably the biggest name when it comes to modern tournament markers. Planet Eclipse is well known for quality paintball guns. Even though the price is a bit on the higher end, the gun comes with amazing features and performance that makes it worth the price.

As compared to the original Etha, this paintball gun is powered by a Gamma Cored drivetrain that is designed to function normally even in the roughest weather conditions. What this means is that you can comfortably use the marker during winter.

This marker is absolutely a great choice for beginners as well as professional snipers. As an upgrade to the original Etha, this gun meets the convenience expected by most snipers. The hoseless air transfer system makes it a lot easier for players to access the tank for a refill.

This paintball gun is very easy to use and extremely durable giving you the ability to use it for years without experiencing any difficulties. It is also lightweight and small in size only weighing around 2.2 lbs, which means it is easy to carry around and won’t slow you down while you are in an intense battle.

The Planet Etha 2 also features multiple firing modes that include a capped and uncapped semi-automatic mode. It also has an electronic trigger with batteries stored in the easily disassemble front grip – so you can easily change them out whenever you want.

This high-end paintball marker fires up to 1,000 shots on a 4,000 psi fill up before you even notice a drop-off. We also like the fact that it uses the same reinforced nylon composite materials for the feed neck, eye covers, and grip which you can also find on the Planet Etek.

The stock parts of the Etha 2 is not necessarily the best in terms of performance, but most of them are upgradeable at a cost. If you are looking for a paintball gun that comes with a good level of accuracy and high-end performance, the Planet Etha 2 is the way to go.


  • Experience players can enjoy its advance features
  • It’s well balanced and lightweight
  • It can be used in all weather conditions
  • A great choice for beginners and intermediate players
  • It’s quite easy to clean and maintain
  • Its ergonomic design ensures complete comfort when using it
  • It’s highly accurate and durable


  • It’s a bit loud compared to other models


2. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun – Great Value For The Money

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Here is another reliable paintball gun on the market for the money. The Empire Axe 2.0 is an electro-pneumatic paintball marker that comes with multiple firing such as semi-automatic, PSP ramping, millennium ramping and NXL.

The Empire Axe 2.0 is made of aluminum and has an adjustable trigger, a single push-button power switch, pressure controlled poppet engine, and a break beams anti-chop laser eyes.

The gun looks and feels great in hands and all added features make this gun compete on the same level as the Planet Gtek and Etek 5. The only downside I have with this marker is the inability to quickly clean the eyes, you have to completely take the gun apart to simply clean the eyes.

Regardless of its low-pressure operation and being very gentle on the Empire Axe doesn’t fail in terms of performance. It typically has a firing rate velocity between 280 to 290 feet per second which is exactly where it needs to be. The Empire Axe fires a smooth, accurate and consistent shot. This kind of performance is usually what you see in paintball guns that are quite a bit more expensive.

This superb quality paintball gun I’d extremely durable thanks to its excellent design and sturdy frame. If you take the time out to take care of the Axe and perform regular maintenance, it will stay far a long period of time without any issue.

The Empire Axe 2.0 is without a doubt one of our favorite paintball guns on the market right now. The gun even serves well when you add all your accessories and it gives you the full combat feel. If you are new to paintball or have been playing paintball for a while, the Empire Axe 2.0 is definitely the way to go.


  • It has a pretty good range and is very accurate
  • It doesn’t use as much paint as other paintball guns
  • It is definitely one of the quickest paintball guns
  • Extremely strong parts
  • Variable firing modes


  • Reports of faulty regulator and gas leaks


3. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker – Great Performance

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The Tippmann TMC MAGFED is definitely one of the coolest looking guns we have gotten our hands-on, and also one of our favorite entry-level marker. If you have never played sports before, this high-end paintball gun is without doubt the right choice for you.

The thing with this marker is that it is totally badass and always gets compliments from other players. The TMC is a magfed version of the Tippmann Cronus and has proven to be the perfect choice for newbies and intermediate paintball players.

The TMC MAGFED is definitely leading in terms of durability. The marker is extremely durable and it features a sturdy build made of high-quality materials that enable it to tolerate some of the toughest conditions and handling. With this marker, you will be able to crawl, roll down or fall without damaging or interfering with the gun performance.

We also like the fact that the gun has a very firm grip and it’s pretty comfortable in hand which provides you with the ability to firmly hold it in your hands even during intense battles. If you have ever owned a Tippman before then you probably have a great idea of what to expect from this high-quality gun.

This marker utilizes a blowback style bolt that functions quite well at tank pressure; this means the TMC MAGFED runs at about 750 psi. The trigger of this gun is a perfect size and it allows you to shoot easily without any issue.

The Tippmann TMC MAGFED magazine is capable of holding up to 19 balls. But since it carries two magazines it will be loaded with 38 paintballs. You should also keep in mind that the magazine is robust and there is no cheap plastic material used.

The marker is very easy to operate and with regular practice, you will be able to hit moving targets with extreme accuracy. The rubber handle makes it a lot easier to hold and aim at your targets.

When it comes to maintenance of the gun, there is hardly any maintenance required. However, you should always take the time out of your day to clean your gun thoroughly after use and ensure that it is completely lubricated before your next match.

Overall, we strongly believe this is a fantastic entry-level paintball marker that gives you the opportunity to practice your accuracy and improve your paintball game overtime.


  • Comes with two magazines
  • Has a comfortable rubber grip
  • TMC delivers very high accuracy
  • Great design with a lightweight structure
  • Highly durable with easy maintenance
  • Available in affordable price ranges


  • Can’t use first strike paintballs


What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Gun

You actually have many options when looking for the best paintball guns under 500. However, despite having many different markers to choose from, you should avoid making your choice on a rush which isn’t a good practice. It is still necessary to be smart when it comes to making your decision.

There are a few factors that you will need to take into consideration when it comes to choosing the best paintball marker for your needs. These factors include the material, types, shooting power, weight, upgrades, firing rounds and most of all the price. Once you keep these in minds you should be able to find the perfect marker that fits your needs.


With so many paintball guns available today, finding the best paintball gun for the money can be quite difficult. However, with our top-notch reviews above, you should be able to find the perfect paintball marker with ease. We wish you the best on your paintball journey.

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