Best Paintball Gun Under $300 – Top Rated Picks

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One of the most fun and exciting sports you can play with your friends, family and colleagues right now is paintball. What I really like about this game is the fact that it gives you the real feeling of an action battle.

With that said, you need the right paintball gun to get the job done. Luckily, there are many different paintball guns available on the market but choosing the right one for your needs can be very challenging especially if you are a beginner.

Don’t worry, in this article I decided to put together a list of top rated 8 best paintball gun under 300. Depending on your level of expertise as well as your playing style, you can find a number of paintball gun models that will work well for you.

If you are not planning on spending a lum sum of cash on the gun, that’s fine, because 300 is generally a good budget to begin with, as you can get good quality paintball guns without spending too much on them. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Paintball Gun Under $300


1. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker – Editor’s Choice

Best paintball gun under 300
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The Empire Mini GS is without a doubt one of the best paintball gun under 300 on the market today. It is considered to be legend in the paintball industry because of its next level features and benefits. I think one of the main reasons this marker is so popular is that it has a higher level of accuracy and far better performance than its previous version.

The paintball gun is built with solid aluminum, which feels really comfortable in your hands. The first thing you’ll probably notice on the Mini GS is that it has a very slim and small design. The build quality of the marker definitely makes it a reliable gun, and it is an amazing entry level marker for tournaments. It comes at a very affordable price and features everything you’d need in a tournament.

The Empire Mini GS and all its components are extremely durable in quality. You can expect this marker to last a very long time without breaking. The machined aluminum frame is pretty lightweight, which made “mini”, but on the bright side it is very sturdy and durable. Only weighing around 1.2 lbs, this is without a doubt one of the lightest paintball gun you’ll ever hold.

This paintball marker fires close to 275 FPS and with enough time you will get it pumping out paintballs at 293 FPS. You can easily set up the speed by using an Allen wrench. You should also utilize its 45/4500 HPA tank, with this you will get at minimum 100,000 paintballs fired before you have to refill the tank again.

The new ON/OFF ASA is an awesome addition to the new Mini GS. It is really one of the best out there and makes it very easy to attach and remove your tank. The Empire Mini GS is also considered to be one of the most quiet paintball guns available right now. And whether you’re a right or left handed, performance will not be a problem.

This paintball marker also comes equipped with a new clamping feedneck. This is the same feedneck that is used by the Empire Axe Carbon Fiber edition, which is a $850 marker. This low profile feedneck is one of a kind because when you are hiding bunkers it prevents your hopper from sticking out.

The only downside you’ll notice with the Mini GS is its maintenance. Maintenance will definitely take some time and is not recommended for those who are completely new to the sport. Unlike other paintball markers, the Mini GS has a lot of small parts that you have to take out independently.

As you can see, the new Empire Mini GS is totally worth every penny because of its amazing features and benefits. The only slight drawback of the Mini GS is the maintenance and it isn’t even a problem for experience players.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable to hold
  • Has very little recoil
  • Comes at a very reasonable price
  • ASA ON/OFF switch
  • Easily remove the tank with a push of a button
  • Responsive micro-switch trigger
  • Has multiple firing modes
  • Integrated Anti-chop


  • If not maintained properly
  • HPA might leaked
  • Might be hard to operate in the hands of people with large hands


2. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun – First Runner Up

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Next on our list as one of the best paintball gun under $300 for the money is the Tippmann Cronus paintball marker. As you can see the Cronus is manufacturerd by the reputable paintball company Tippmann. It is available in multiple colors including basic black/tan, tactical olive/black, and tactical black/tan.

The Cronus comes equipped with an in-line bolt system in a high impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips. This paintball marker is the right choice for beginners and intermediate players, because it is a very reliable and easy to use gun, while also being extremely accurate.

The only drawback you’ll notice about this marker is the fact that it is a bit heavier than some of the more expensive guns, but it is super durable, so you don’t have to ever worry about it breaking easily. The bonus with Cronus is that you don’t need any kind of experience with paintball guns to take it apart and clean it, since it is very easy to open and clean.

If you look closely you’ll realize that the Cronus is basically an updated version for the Tippmann 98 which is considered by many players to be the most rented paintball marker in the world. The Cronus tends to last a lot longer than just every other. The gun is capable of taking lots of beating and still last a long time.

With that said, this marker is one of the most easily customized paintball guns available today. The gun can be easily modified with multiple rails and even upgraded to a special tactical edition. It’s very hard to get bored of the marker since you have the opportunity to turn it into almost any kind of gun you’d like.

The gun is capable of hitting targets up to 150 feet, its firing mode is semi-automatic, which allows it to fire up to 8 balls per second, it even comes with molded rubber grips that are comfortable, and also makes it easier to carry around for long hours without experiencing any blisters, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the Tippmann Cronus is the ideal marker to use if you are a beginner or intermediate player, because it was designed to be user-friendly. Another thing about this marker is that it’s extremely accurate and doesn’t chop paintballs, which is one of the best features you can expect.


  • It does not chop paintballs when shooting
  • It is very easy to operate
  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • Plenty of customization available
  • Maintenance just requires simple oiling
  • Semi-automatic mode available
  • Very similar to the tippmann 98, which is also reliable


  • It’s on the heavier side


3. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Gun – Second Runner Up

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Here is another superb quality paintball gun from the reputable company Tippmann. The Tippmann TMC MAGFED is well known for its versatility and reliability. The marker is fully accessorized with a lot of different paintball parts. What makes it stand out is because it provides high end performance as it supports both hopper and magazine feed technology.

When it comes to durability this marker is on another level. It features a sturdy build made of high quality materials that allows it to tolerate some of the toughest weather conditions and rough handling. This means that you don’t have to worry about it breaking, you can crawl and roll down without the gun interfering with your performance.

If you’re a fan of Tippmann, then you probably have an idea of what you can expect from the TMC. This beast literally utilizes a blowback style bolt that functions at tank pressure; this means the TMC runs at about 750 PSI. Base on it’s high pressure operation, this marker is a bit loud and has a slight kick.

One drawback about this marker that a lot of players complained about is that the CO2 tank keeps on getting loose and leaking. This is surely not something you’ll want to experience while in a very intense match. Other than that, this marker is a beast on the field that I gladly recommend.

This paintball gun is pretty lightweight and easy to use. After a few practice you’ll be operating it like a pro. The rubber handle on it makes it easier to handle so that you have the ability to aim and shoot with high accuracy. The trigger is another user-friendly feature that works wonders for both clumsy and small fingers.

The TMC uses magazines with the capacity of carrying 19 paintballs. Therefore, since it carries two magazines, it will be loaded with 38 paintballs to last you long in the playground. As mentioned above, the dual-feed option is what sets this marker from rival MAGFED guns available in the market.

In terms of maintenance it requires little to no maintenance. It’s relatively easy to disassemble and reassemble it. However, if you want your gun to last long, you should always clean thoroughly after use and ensure that it is fully lubricated before your next battle.


  • It’s made of durable materials
  • Comes with two magazines
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Sturdy but smooth in feel
  • Fast and high accuracy shoot
  • Guarantees an authentic AR feel and look


  • At times the CO2 tank tends to get loosen
  • Integration of height adjustment lacks


4. Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker – Top Rated Pump Gun

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The Azodin KP3.5 is known to be one of the newest models of the KP line making worth the value for the money. This paintball gun is literally a beast that comes with two barrel backs instead of one and a half block design. Base on the name you can tell that the KP3.5 is a pump gun, so every time you want to shoot the marker you have to physically pump it.

This paintball marker is equipped with a lot of unique features and improvements which makes it a top rated gun on the market. With this gun comes a Delrin pump handle as well as a dual pumping pod and a clamping feedneck. With the feedneck you’ll have the opportunity to control how tight your hopper is on the gun.

Another thing that we really like about this is the fact that you can use different styles and sizes of hopper without experiencing any difficulties. As you can see this paintball gun is ready for the battlefield right out of the box. Also, it’s pretty lightweight which means you can easily carry it around while expecting less strain on your wrist and arms when pumping it.

The KP3.5 utilizes aluminum body and trigger frame and dual cocking rods to maintain pressure and reliability during gameplay. It even has a ON/OFF ASA that is used to supply air to the regulator. The gun is very durable and easy to maintain. Maintenance of the gun doesn’t cost much.

The KP3.5 is also considered to be a lot quieter than the previous models and it comes with a precision that will definitely help you throughout the game. We love the fact that the gun is available in five different colors which means you have multiple color options to choose from.

Paintball lovers who enjoy using pump guns will definitely fall in love with this high end performance marker. These are on the cheaper side compared to other guns. So if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to break the bank on a paintball marker, this is the one for you.

What makes this marker stands out among it competitors is that it is perfect for any level player. With this gun you’ll even gain skills that will make you a better player over time. Overall, a great choice for a pump action gun and it comes in really cool colors.


  • Very easy to use
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Can use both HPA and CO2
  • Better ergonomics
  • Improved accuracy
  • Ideal choice for beginners, intermediate and advanced players
  • Smooth pump stroke


  • ASA can sometimes leak


5. Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun – High End Performance

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The Tippmann A5 is well known to be one of the best paintball guns in paintball history and it is for a very good reason. One of the best features you’ll get from this marker is that it can be easily upgraded and customized to your preferred game type through a number of accessories.

This paintball gun is considered to be the upgraded version for the Tippmann 98 Custom and is suitable for anyone who want to take their game to the next level. With this marker you’ll experience high end performance feed system without having to upgrade. We also like the fact that it uses air to power the loader instead of batteries, so you’ll be able to operate it for hours without running out of power.

The Tippmann A5 is extremely accurate with the ability to shoot up to 17 balls per second. The gun also offers a range of about 150 feet with its 8.5 inch barrel. Not only does the barrel increases the guns accuracy but also help to reduce its noise. This makes it possible to creep around quietly without worrying about being caught by your opponents.

Serious paintball players really love that this marker features the cyclone feed system that increases the speed of the gun. This does a pretty good job at increasing the gun’s performance as you’ll be able to fire at a fast rate without slowing down. Another thing we appreciate is that the loading device is easy to install making this a great gun for both beginners and experience players.

You can operate this gun with either compressed air or nitrogen. It doesn’t matter which one you choose to use, this marker will not let you down on the battlefield. The features of the A5 is what makes it convenient. The shock absorbent end cap is one feature that differentiates it from other paintball guns.

It’s also known to be a little bit on the heavier side which tends to give it a better on the hand mostly for advanced players. The external selector switch allows players to easily change from firing mode to safety mode and vice versa.

The Tippmann A5 has been built to offer years of service. Another thing is that it allows a number of upgrades and modifications through a wide range of accessories. You can easily upgrade the gun to look and feel like a real gun by just using available body kits.


  • Offers very accurate shots
  • Features cyclone feed system for increased speed
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Very easy to disassemble and reassemble when needed
  • Easy to upgrade and customize
  • Adjustable firing rate


  • It’s on the heavier side compared to other markers


6. Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun – User Friendly

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This is without a doubt one of the best options available for paintball lovers. It’s very compact, user friendly and quite efficient in the paintball playing field. This high quality paintball gun definitely fits the bill for one of the best cheap marker on the market.

If you’re on a budget looking around for a functional paintball gun with incredible features, I would suggest that you consider the Azodin Blitz 3. This paintball marker definitely an improvement on its predecessors. It’s blended with tons of high tech features with an efficiency that you won’t easily find in other paintball guns within the same price range.

The Azodin Blitz 3 is extremely lightweight only weighing 2.03 lbs, which means that you’ll have an easier time moving around the playing field. This also means that your hands won’t be tired and sore even after a whole day of intense shooting. The paintball marker features a steel coated and braided airline that is absolutely great for playing long games.

As a beginner to the game, you will find the gun to be user friendly, even in tight positions and maneuvers that require you to bend and crawl. You will also like the fact that this marker is available in 6 different color shades; with my personal favorite being the cool and clean black version.

One of the most interesting thing about this paintball gun is that it tends to uses less gas than the majority of the markers on the market right now. The main reason for this is because of its improved technology that enables it to run smoothly and save you time and effort of constantly refilling the gas.

The biggest downside that you’ll experience with using the Blitz 3 is that the trigger gets stuck or jammed after the first use, this seems to be a factory defect. Also, compared to other paintball guns, I would say that this marker is a bit limited in the features it offers.

For a gun packed with this much power, it is pretty quiet. It might just be the perfect fit for those who enjoys sneaking around the battlefield and take out their enemies one by one. With all these amazing features and benefits, the Azodin Blitz 3 is definitely a great value for the money.


  • Efficient in gas usage
  • Compact and lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • Durable and hard to break
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Usable for woodsball
  • Doesn’t chop balls
  • Long barrel for improve accuracy


  • Doesn’t features an ON/OFF ASA
  • Potential factory issues
  • Might feel a bit rigid in hands
  • Quick clamp feedneck is missing


7. Spyder Victor Paintball Gun – Best Entry Level

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The Spyder Victor is considered to be one of the best selling entry level paintball guns of all time. So if you’re a beginner looking for a cheap yet effective paintball marker, the Spyder Victor might be what you are looking for. This semi-automatic gun packs quite a punch and certainly won’t break your wallet.

The look of the Victor is pretty cool and eye catching. The Spyder Victor is known to be apart of the Classic Series with its aluminum only extruded body and sleek anodized matte finish. This appealing paintball marker is very lightweight only weighing around 2 lbs, so it’s not too heavy and not too light.

It’s also a mechanical gun which means it doesn’t shoots at a fast rate. With this marker you have the ability to shoot up to 9 balls per second. This is amazing considering the fact that it is very affordable and it’s also a mechanical gun. With that being said, the gun features a non slip rubber grip panel, external velocity adjuster and a steel braided hose line.

As stated above, this paintball gun is the right choice for beginners as well as intermediate players. Even if you are an advanced player you should still be able to have fun on the battlefield with this beauty. We also love the fact that it comes equipped with an efficient Eko Valve that let’s you shoot up to 1500 shots. These shots are fired from a 20 ounce CO2 tank.

The only drawback that you’ll experience with this paintball marker is its accuracy. The Victor is not known to be very accurate, but because of its other features and reasonable price point, it’s definitely worth the investment. However, over a period of time you should be able to shoot your opponents up to 40 feet away accurately.

This paintball marker is very durable and should be able to last you for a very long time without breaking apart. In terms of maintenance, it is extremely easy to maintain, the only thing you have to do is clean the gun each use and keeping it routinely oiled. You may also need to replace O-rings after a period of time since they tends to leak after some wear and tear.

I can guarantee that you will appreciate how easily it is to customize the marker to best fit your needs. Spyder sells a lot of upgrades and accessories at a very low price, making it both easy and affordable to upgrade your paintball gun. Even though this may not be the most accurate gun, it’s still worth checking out.


  • Perfect choice for both beginners and intermediate players
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • It’s known to be very durable
  • It’s pretty lightweight and very easy to maneuver
  • You have different color options to choose from


  • Screws tends to get loose


8. Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker – High Quality

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Last on our list is the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker. There is no doubt that this is one of the most iconic paintball guns on the market today. Tippmann has long been one of the top paintball gun manufacturers in the world and they were wise to create this well rounded top rated paintball gun.

If you’re a beginner looking to purchase your first paintball gun, the Tippmann 98 is properly at the top of our list, alongside the very similar Tippmann Cronus. Those who are new to this intense game will especially enjoy using the Tippmann 98 Custom as it is super easy to use and doesn’t have to be cleaned as frequently as most guns thanks to the anti chop system they have implemented.

This marker is known to be the most rented paintball guns around the world and there’s a good reason for this. It is made to withstand player falls, rolls, crawls, bad weather and just about anything you can throw at it. You can even dropped it repeatedly and it will still work just fine without experiencing any difficulties. Some players have claimed that they’ve gone years without cleaning the Tippmann 98 Custom and it still works like new (but we don’t recommend doing this).

In terms of shooting, the 98 Custom shoots very accurately compared to other markers on this list. The Tippmann 98 Custom shoots nearly as well as premium paintball guns on the higher end of the price spectrum. With this marker you’ll be able to shoot up to 8 balls per second which is pretty solid.

Also with this 98 Custom you can easily shoot your shots on targets that are about 150 feet away, this is something that you usually experience with more expensive markers. It operates on either compressed air or CO2. It even uses very little air compared to other markers, so it will last you much longer before an air refill is needed.

What makes this marker interesting is because you are free to upgrade and customize it base on your own personal preference. While this gun is not extremely loud it does have a tendency to be louder than most of its competitors. The main reason for this is because its operating pressure is 800 PSI.

If you are a newbie looking for your first paintball marker the 98 Custom will prove to be a convenient option. It is very easy to use, allowing you to learn and become a pro over a period of time. It offers an insane durability so you can expect the gun to last you for a very long time.


  • The marker is easy to use
  • Hardly requires any maintenance
  • It is extremely durable
  • The marker can be easily customized
  • It has a comfortable and sturdy grip
  • It’s equipped with a very low profile feedneck
  • Air efficiency
  • Most rented paintball gun


  • In terms of performance you’ll experience a bit of recoil


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Paintball Gun Under 300

If you’re new to the world of paintball guns, then it might be confusing at first when it comes to choosing the marker that best suits your needs. As a newbie, there are many different options available to choose from since paintball guns come in a wide variety of styles and models. So in this buying guide, we’ll help you in making the right decision.


The weight of the paintball gun is one of the most important factors that you should consider when buying. The reason for this is because the weight plays an very important role on your performance on the battlefield. If the gun is too heavy then you might find it difficult to easily move around the play zone.

We only recommend buying a paintball gun that’s lightweight especially if you’re a beginner to the game. By doing so it will be much easier for you to walk around without getting tired quickly. If possible you should only go for a marker that weighs 3 lbs or less. Also make sure thats it is comfortable to use.


Also when buying a paintball gun you should check to make sure that you have to option to customize it when you want. This is very important as most players have their own personal preferences in terms of the marker they are using. It should highly customizable so that it is capable of adapting to various scenarios that might occur within the game.

We also suggest that you invest in a paintball marker that has multiple firing modes. With this you’ll have the ability to save your paintballs or just fire rapidly.


Apart from the features and benefits that comes with a paintball marker, it would also make sense to invest in a gun that has eye catching design. If possible you should definitely go with one with a tactical look and feel.

Aside from giving you the feel of using a real gun, the tactical aesthetics of the gun also make its possible to blend in by camouflaging once the game starts. With that, your enemies will have a hard time finding you.


A lot of players has different choices that influence their preferences. Having a paintball gun that is made of metal tends to be more durable and sturdy compared to using one that’s made of plastic since they are designed to withstand the toughest and roughest conditions.

You should also take the time out to ensure that the material used is not too heavy to minimize the risk of it reducing your speed once your already on the field. All you need to do is check to see if the material is solid and high in quality without causing the price of the marker to go up since the quality of the material plays a huge role in its price.


Another important factor that you should keep in mind is the guns accuracy. The precision of the marker tends to varies from one model to another. The key factor behind the guns accuracy are the diameter and length of the barrel.

Accuracy is crucial if you are planning on playing in paintball competition because you are able to hit your target in the right areas of the body, every time you shoot, over a period of time you will become a highly successful player.

With that said, if you want to be able to point and shoot your opponents accurately, then you should invest in the most accurate paintball gun.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

In order to make your paintball gun last for years to come, you have to properly clean and maintain it as well. After playing each game the significant cleaning process will help to increase the guns lifespan. The easy attachable and detachable ability of paintball guns components will make it a lot easier to clean. So you should definitely opt for a gun that has an easy cleaning process.


This is also an important factor to consider before buying a paintball gun. You should also keep in mind that you have to purchase a few add ons apart from just the paintball gun. Taking all these things into consideration will make it much easier to plan your spending budget and have a easier time making your purchase.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best brand of paintball guns?

The short answer is Tippmann. Tippmann is well known to be the best brand on the market when it comes to creating high quality paintball guns.

Q. What does the paintball gun come with?

It all depends on the brand, type and the specific package that you choose to purchase. Most paintball guns on the market with amazing accessories such as mask, tanks, paintballs, etc.

Q. What to check before buying any paintball marker under 300?

As mentioned above, there are many different factors that comes into play when choosing a paintball gun for your needs. The most important things are the functions, features and performance of the gun. You should also read customers review and survey offline as well in order to get a reliable marker.

Q. What happens if my gun breaks?

What you can do is contact the manufacturer to do the repairs or simply invest in a newer model marker.


Though there are lots of superb quality paintball guns on the market today, getting a high end model should not be an easy task. When considering a marker you need to factor in the type of game you’re planning on playing, your budget and key features like weight, material, performance, accuracy, among others.

Our editors picked the Empire Mini GS as the first choice. The reason for this is because it is packed with a lot of amazing features and you can use it for several years before its components begins to wear and tear.

There you go the list above consists of the best paintball gun under 300. If you have any questions about these guns, you can leave a comment down below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Maybe there is something else that sub $300 that you think should have made the list. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

We wish you the best of luck on your paintball journey!

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