Most Expensive Paintball Gun – Buyer’s Guide

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When it comes to paintball guns there are lots of expensive models on the market right now. As we all know, paintball is a very fun sport to play with your friends or even strangers at the field.

The whole point of the sport is to not get shot while competing against your opponents, while trying your best to take them out one by one. You have many people that see it as a fun game while a handful of people take it very seriously.

This is why we may have seen a few guns on the market that cost a couple thousand bucks because people are interested in having a gun that increase their chances of winning the game.

With that said, we have compiled a list of some of the most expensive paintball gun on the market today. A couple of these guns might surprise you especially if you are new to the sport, but the good news is that you can just invest in a high-end paintball gun that’s in your budget like the Tippmann Cronus Basic.

Most Expensive Paintball Gun


1. RAP4 Breda M37 8mm Paintball Machine Gun – Most Expensive

Most Expensive Paintball Gun

The Breda M37 is without a doubt one of the most eye catching milsim machine gun on the market today. Not only does this marker look appealing and intimidating, it also comes equipped with the internals of an Automag RT Pro – by far one of the best mechanical gun ever made.

With this high-end Automag internals is an x-valve, level 10 anti-chop bolt and an ultra-light trigger pull kit.

This marker is said to be on the heavier side with a weight of around 30 lbs and also comes with an automatic system that helps to feed the paintballs with double Q pods.

2. RAP4 T68 M240 Paintball Machine Gun

This high-quality paintball machine gun is another Milsim marker from RAP4 that is bound to dominate the field once your using it. Though this marker is made of all metal construction, it’s considered to be pretty lightweight only weighing around 13 lbs.

We love the fact that the T68 M240 has a realistic look and feel to it that Milsim players will surely appreciate. The gun is operated by gas and has the ability to provide huge volumes of effectual fire.

If you look closely you will notice that the M240 is an imitation of the M60 machine gun used in Vietnam by the US army.

3. RAP4 T68 30 Cal M1919 Browning Machine Gun

This is considered to be one of the most expensive paintball gun you can get your hands on right now. As you can see it is an emulation of an actual machine gun that’s used in combat.

It’s known to be used quite often in aerial combat and it is said to have an amazing firepower and can easily dominate the playing field. Not only that but it has a .68 caliber full rock and roll.

This paintball marker is so powerful you can literally eliminate a whole squad with ease. Make sure you are in good shape or someone that’s bigger in size because the gun is a heavy to hold.

4. Planet Eclipse Geo CSR Paintball Gun

The Planet Eclipse Geo CSR is by far one of the most expensive speedball marker you can find on the market for the money.

If you look at both gun you will notice that it is the same as the Geo CS1, the only difference you will see is a few minor changes to the frame, body, POPS assembly and eye cover. It’s these small changes that make this lightweight marker similar in terms of power as heavier guns.

The Planet Eclipse is considered to be one of the most traditional guns in the most expensive guns category. The marker is currently available in a wide range of colors.

5. Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

The days of worrying about the annoying microline constantly getting in the way of your grip is finally over. The reason for this is because the Geo CS1 comes equipped with a fully internal air passage, eliminating the need for any external hoses.

Another thing is that if you are tired of buying over priced 9-volt batteries that only last for a few minutes, you are in good hands since the only thing you’ll need is 2 AA batteries and you are good to go.

You don’t have to worry about stocking up on AA batteries either, because these batteries is capable of lasting for a very long while you dominate the game.

6. Dye M2 MOSAir Paintball Marker

This is known to be one of the top tier paintball gun in the popular Geo line. Dye decided to take their marker to another level by coming out with the Dye M2 MOSAir – which by far one of the most technologically advanced marker ever made.

It comes equipped with a MOS Aur Circuit board that is capable of connecting to the Dye I5 e.VOKE kit. You will have the opportunity to hear everything that’s going on near you directly in your own hear.

Some of the information you will be able to hear include a game timer, shot tracker, elimination tracker and service alerts. Having this edge over other players will certainly give you an advantage on the battlefield. Also, over a period of time you will eventually become a better player with this models training mode assistant.

Some other amazing features that comes with the Dye M2 MOS Air circuit board include an outlaw firing mode, 3 boot screens, black and white LED backgrounds and wireless charging.


As you can see, the list above consist of some of the best most expensive paintball guns you can find on the market for the money. The most expensive model is currently the RAP4 Breda model which will definitely help you to dominate the game a d bring fears in your opponent’s eyes. While this paintball marker might put a dent in your bank account, it is definitely worth it if you’re someone who competes quite often.

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