Ultimate Guide to Indoor Paintball in Colorado

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In the lively state of Colorado, a thrilling recreational activity that has been gaining increased recognition is indoor paintball. Offering enthusiasts a unique blend of strategy, teamwork, and adrenaline-filled action, indoor paintball is a sport that is as engaging as it is demanding. This exercise is tailored to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of indoor paintball gaming, detail the best facilities in Colorado, provide guidance on gear selection, and share practical tips for success. With this knowledge, you’re set to plunge into the exhilarating world of indoor paintball with confidence, irrespective of your skill level.

Understanding Indoor Paintball

Understanding Indoor Paintball: An Exciting Sport in Colorado

Indoor paintball is a fast-paced, thrilling sport that combines strategy, speed, and stamina, and Colorado plays host to a number of stellar facilities for this unique pastime.

Indoor paintball is a game where teams or individuals compete to eliminate opponents by hitting them with spherical, dye-filled gelatin capsules, or “paintballs,” launched from a special gun known as a marker.

Paintball: A Brief History

Originally developed in the 1980s for recreational purposes, paintball has evolved into a recognized sport with numerous leagues and tournaments worldwide. The term ‘paintball’ comes from the small, paint-filled balls players use to mark their targets—originally intended for use in forestry and agriculture to mark trees and cattle. Today, numerous locations around the United States, including Colorado, have indoor facilities dedicated to this adrenaline-packed sport. Indoor paintball allows players to enjoy the game year-round, irrespective of the external weather conditions.

Rules of Indoor Paintball

The gameplay depends on the type of game being played. Common game modes generally include elimination, capture the flag, attack, and defend. Regardless of the game mode, safety is paramount. Players are required to wear masks at all times during play to protect the face and eyes, and markers must be chronographed to regulate their speed and prevent injury. It is also essential that players respect each other and the referees to ensure a safe and fun experience for all participants.

Exploring Techniques and Strategies

Skill in indoor paintball relies heavily on strategy and communication, understanding the indoor terrain, and efficient use of the limited space available. Players must work together, using strategies like flanking, suppressing fire, and coordinated attacks to succeed. Techniques like snap shooting and gun fighting are also key elements of advanced play.

Safety Measures in Indoor Paintball

Safety is paramount in indoor paintball. Players are required to wear safety gear including masks, neck protectors, gloves, padded vests or jerseys. It is also crucial to follow all rules and guidelines laid out by the facility. In Colorado, indoor paintball facilities are regulated and maintained to a high standard, with regular inspections and oversight to ensure player safety.

Indoor Paintball in Colorado

Indoor paintball has grown to become a popular sport in Colorado. These thrill-seekers can enjoy year-round access to numerous top-notch facilities such as the American Paintball Coliseum in Denver and Blitz Paintball in Loveland. These arenas are known for maintaining high-quality standards, providing a variety of game modes, and offering equipment rentals.

Taking place under the backdrop of the towering Rocky Mountains, the Colorado indoor paintball scene adds another thrilling dimension to the state’s adventure culture. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, test your agility, strategy, and endurance in this electrifying sport. Playing indoor paintball in Colorado sure promises an unforgettable experience!

A group of people playing paintball in an indoor arena, wearing protective gear and aiming their markers at the opponents.

Top Indoor Paintball Locations in Colorado

Exploring Top Indoor Paintball Venues in Colorado

Given the soaring popularity of paintball, there has been an equal rise in the establishment of indoor paintball facilities in Colorado, created to meet the demands of enthusiasts who prefer this exhilarating version of the game. These unique indoor locations provide an all-weather environment to enjoy the game, driving its popularity further.

American Paintball Coliseum (APC)

Located in Denver, Colorado, American Paintball Coliseum is one of the major indoor paintball facilities in the state. It boasts a huge warehouse facility of over 30000 sq ft, filled with several stacked cargo containers to create a complex multi-level playing field. The indoor location is fully lit, heated, and also includes safety-related features, such as netted spectator areas. APC operates from Monday to Sunday, with pricing per player starting at around $25, depending on the package chosen. Experience-wise, it caters to all levels from beginners to experts and even offers private games for those who want a more exclusive experience.

Blitz Paintball Arena

Situated in Dacono, Colorado, Blitz Paintball Arena, while primarily an outdoor setup, also offers a versatile indoor playing field. This location offers a great variety of gameplay options. Pricing per player ranges from $20 to $50 depending on the chosen package and if your equipment is rented or owned. Hours of operation vary per season. Catering options and advanced gameplay strategies are provided, making it suitable for any player strength from beginner to professional.

Dynamic Paintball Fun Center

The Dynamic Paintball Fun Center, which is located in Centennial, Colorado, offers indoor paintball games that enhance the players’ speed and tactical skills. The indoor turf area is about the size of a basketball court, equipped with air-filled bunkers. This tends to suit intermediate to expert players due to the fast-paced nature of the games. The pricing starts at $35 per person, though it varies depending on the chosen package. The center is open seven days a week, with weekday evenings reserved for private parties or events.


Based in Centennial, Colorado, BattleDartz offers a unique blend of paintball and a foam dart blaster game similar to Nerf™. While not technically pure paintball, the provided foam dart blasters mimic the fun and friendly combat experience in an indoor setting. This would cater well more towards younger players and beginners due to its non-impact game style. They operate six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday) and the pricing starts at $10 per person, with various membership options available for frequent players.

Indoor Paintball: The Colorado Experience

Colorado offers an exciting variety of indoor paintball venues, complete with a range of pricing options to suit any budget. Regardless of their skill level, participants can look forward to engaging gameplay that will both challenge and entertain them in equal measure.

Indoor paintball players in action, wearing protective gear and shooting paintball guns.

Gear and Equipment for Indoor Paintball

Understanding Gear and Equipment for Indoor Paintball in Colorado

Indoor paintball intertwines both enjoyment and safety, necessitating specific gear and equipment to boost your gaming experience. From the amateur players to the seasoned paintballers, the choice of the right equipment is key to the gaming process.

The focal point of indoor paintball gear is undoubtedly the paintball gun, or ‘marker.’ The type of marker selected aligns with the play style. Typically, beginners find the pump or mechanical guns suitable due to their easy-to-understand mechanics. More experienced players might lean towards electronic guns bearing superior precision and firing speed. These markers employ CO2 or pressurized air canisters, based on the model.

Alongside the marker, protective attire plays a significant role. A majority of indoor paintball activities in Colorado necessitate a full-face mask that covers the eyes. Other protective gear could include padded gloves, chest protectors, and knee pads for extra safety precautions.

When it comes to clothing, layers are your friend. They act as a protective buffer against paintball hits that might leave minor bruises. While camouflage may be beneficial outdoors, indoor paintball arenas in Colorado typically lack strict color scheme rules aside from team identifiers.

Additional accessories that can prove helpful include items such as a belt pack for extra paintballs and gas cartridges, an effective barrel cleaner, and possibly even a camo bandana or headband.

Indoor paintball facilities , like Blitz Paintball in Colorado, offer assorted equipment like masks, markers, and safety gear. However, personal equipment tailored to a player’s comfort and style is encouraged, such as helmets, gloves, and specialty footwear with excellent traction. Some experienced players may opt to bring their custom-made markers.

The gear and equipment for indoor paintball not only enhance your abilities but also ensure your safety. Hence, irrespective of skill level, the right equipment is crucial. Colorado’s indoor paintball facilities prioritize this, offering top-quality gear while also permitting players to bring their preferred equipment.

An image of a person wearing paintball gear and holding a paintball gun inside an indoor paintball facility.

Tips and Tricks for Indoor Paintball Success

Exploring Colorado’s Indoor Paintball Arenas

As you embark on your paintball journey, it’s key to know your options for indoor arenas. A few of the sought-after indoor paintball arenas in Colorado are American Paintball Coliseum in Denver, Dynamic Paintball & Airsoft Arena in Centennial, and Blitz Paintball in Dacono. Each of these venues provides indoor fields, ensuring gameplay irrespective of the weather. Additionally, they also offer rental equipment to aid beginners to get started.

Preparing for the Game

It’s essential to dress appropriately for paintball. The game can get intense and the paintballs can cause welts or bruises, so it’s best to wear layers and cover as much skin as possible. When playing indoors, light clothing can be beneficial due to the heat. Safety gear including masks, gloves, and chest protectors are often provided by the arenas or can be bought separately.

Mastering movement and positioning

In paintball, movement is key. Understanding when to advance, duck, or slide effectively could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Paintball involves quick reflexes and agility, therefore, staying fit will enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Positioning can also determine your success in the game. Strategic spots like behind barriers give you a vantage point to track opponents while providing protection.

Understanding Shooting Techniques

A good shot in paintball isn’t just about aim, but also control, timing, and discretion. Firing too quickly can drain ammunition and potentially reveal your location. Learning to shoot with both hands and utilizing the sights on top of the marker can make your shots more precise. Control bursts to save ammunition and consider the trajectory of your shots, particularly when targeting opponents behind cover.

Developing an Effective Game Plan

Knowing the layout of the indoor arena and formulating a strategy with your team is crucial to emerging victorious. Communication is key in paintball, from organizing attack plans to sounding warnings about opponents’ positions. Avoid moving in large groups which can be easy targets and opt for spreading out to cover more ground and surround opponents.

Familiarize with the Rules

Every game has rules and so does paintball. Indoor arenas might have rules different from outdoor fields, so it’s important to understand them to avoid penalties. Rules might involve areas that are off-limits, the number of players per team, how to tag opponents, and the type of paintball markers allowed.

Continuous Practice

Like any sport, the best way to improve at paintball is consistent practice. This will help you get more comfortable with your gear, improve your aim and movement, and better understand tactics and strategy.

An image of people playing paintball in an indoor arena

As we’ve explored, indoor paintball presents a rewarding environment to exercise strategy, teamwork, and agility, making it a popular recreational activity in Colorado and beyond. The selection of top-tier facilities in Colorado ensures all players – beginners, intermediates, and experts alike – can find a playing field that suits them. Proactive gear selection can greatly enhance your experience while observing safety regulations. And lastly, continued practice coupled with the insights shared here will transform anyone into a competent player. So gear up and prepare for an absorbing adventure in indoor team sport – indoor paintball awaits you in Colorado.

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