Tippmann 98 vs A5 – Which Paintball Gun is the Better Buy??

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In this article on Tippmann 98 vs A5, we have put together a comparison review so that you can have an easier time deciding which paintball gun is best for you.

Both the Tippmann 98 and the Tippmann A5 are made from the same manufacturer, in the same year as well as design.

If you take a closer look you’ll notice that both guns are pretty much the same in terms of design. The accessories which both guns use are the same and they are also using a 0.86 caliber and can accurately shoot up to a range of 150 meters.

You can also expect both markers to powered with CO2 and compressed air, which means that you’ll be able to choose between multiple modes even though none of them will have a different effect on the shooting.

Tippmann 98 vs A5

Tippmann 98 vs A5


Let’s start by looking at the performance of both markers. If you are just starting out in the sport and looking for a stylish paintball gun that is known to be one of the best on the market especially if you are participating in tournaments then the Tippmann 98 is just the right gun for you.

We also like the fact that this marker has been equipped with anti-chop technology that us designed to eliminate most paintball breakage. This amazing technology makes this gun super reliable in the field.

You can also expect an impressive performance from the Tippmann A5 as well. It is an accurate and steady paintball gun making it one of the best options on the market today. This marker is very similar to the Tippmann 98 in terms of performance, you certainly won’t notice much difference.

Shooting Ability

Both paintball guns are very similar when it comes to shooting abilities. The Tippmann 98 and the Tippmann A5 both have the same shooting range of 150 feet and that is considered to be a very effective range.

You can expect the Tippmann 98 to shoot just as well as any high-end tournament paintball markers but for only a fraction of the price. With this marker you are able to choose between CO2 or compressed air and the gun has the ability to fire around 8 balls per second which is more than enough for any paintball player.

On the other hand, you can expect great results from the Tippmann A5 as well. This marker is powered by air as opposed to batteries and shoots a maximum of 17 balls per second. They both shoots with .68 caliber and the semi-automatic trigger also fires according to the user’s action.


The Tippmann 98 and the Tippmann A5 looks very similar, with just a few minor differences. If you look closely you’ll notice that the length of the guns is pretty much the same, but the weight and components are not.

The Tippmann 98 has a unique look to it and was designed with style and performance in mind. It’s is extremely long and the front grip is designed to set apart from the steel braided air hose. This style receives a lot of positive as well as negative reviews from users.

Overall, the length of the paintball gun is the main difference between the Tippmann A5 and other similar markers such as the Tippmann 98 custom. The Tippmann A5 tends to be a bit longer but it’s also pretty easy to handle. You definitely won’t strain your arms and hands when handling it. Both of the markers have a unique design that every player will enjoy.


All of the accessories that are currently available on the market for the Tippmann 98 paintball marker is also available for the Tippmann A5 as well.

If you want you can go for a better grip, power, improve your accuracy and even add more range to your marker. If your goal is to compete in paintball tournaments, then you will definitely need to add a few accessories to your gun in order to enhance the performance.

With that said, here is a list of a few accessories that you can get today for both the Tippmann 98 and the Tippmann A5.

E Trigger Custom System – with this the gun will be able to fire many more paintballs per second. It can easily increase the shooting up to 20 which is around 5 more than what the Tippmann 98 and Tippmann A5 currently have.

Tippmann Cyclone Feed System – This system is what connects the feeder sprocket to the air system for synchronized ball feed which helps to reduce breakage and jamming.

Tippmann Flatline Barrel – With this you’ll have the ability to increase the gun’s accuracy as well as the power. This means that you will enjoy the game even more.

16-inch Sniper Barrel – it’s now sniper time! It helps to increase the accuracy and it is the perfect accessory for players who want to be outside of the battlefield and take a more comfortable position sniping enemies. The sniper barrel helps to increase range and accuracy.

As you can see both of the guns use similar accessories. So if you even consider purchasing any specific addition to your marker, you should make sure they’re both pair with each other.


Like everything that we have compared above, the weight of both paintball guns is very similar. If you take a close look at the design you will notice that they have very parallel lines and similar grip positions.

Both paintball guns weigh in at around 3 lbs, meaning they are a bit heavier compared to some other models. But this weight is still lightweight enough to be able to carry it with you without slowing you down. 3 lb shouldn’t be an issue for most players even those new to the sport.

However, if you ever consider adding any accessories to the gun it will eventually weigh more and in order to keep balance on the gun, you need to make sure you are combining the right accessories.


Now we have to take a look at the sound of the gun. A lot of players feel that having a louder gun is simply unacceptable and you won’t have to worry about that with these models.

Even though you won’t notice the difference between the firing of each gun, the Tippmann 98 tends to have a stronger sound while the A5 has a more suppressed sound.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/12/2024 12:30 am GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun


  • The marker is known to be lightweight, making it easy to carry around on the battlefield
  • It has an 8/12 barrel which allows high precision
  • The marker can be easily customized to increase its overall performance
  • It doesn’t need a battery to operate as it uses compressed gases
  • Can shoot up to a range of 150 feet


  • The gas tank is prone to leak

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun


  • It’s known to be a lot smoother and quieter
  • Doesn’t need a battery to operate
  • Can be easily customized
  • It’s known to be on the lighter side
  • Comes equipped with a 8.5 inch barrel which tends to increase accuracy and lower noise


  • Hopper is tightly fitted to the gun


We highly recommend both paintball guns since they are equally good, but we strongly believe that the Tippmann A5 is the better buy. The front grip is a bit narrower in the 98 while the design of the Tippmann A5 is on another level. We also like the fact that shooting on the A5 is a lot smoother and quiet, which is why we think it is the perfect choice for the money.

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