Paintball Outfit Ideas You Should Consider

What to Wear to Paintball

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Paintball is a challenging game that involves shooting and strategy while keeping excitement levels high. Moreover, it is about following paintball rules to avoid any serious injury so you can keep the fun going. If you are about to head out onto the paintball field, you cannot just show up in any outfit. A paintball outfit is different and more geared towards the safety of your body. Read on for more paintball outfit ideas.

If you are an avid paintball player, you might know what this is all about. Wearing your regular clothing can be detrimental to your safety. You might get hit in spots and end up with serious injuries. Instead, head to the arena with proper clothing and protective gear so you can still have fun and be safe.

The basic idea behind any paintball outfit is to cover you adequately and carefully from head to toe. Make sure you have dressed appropriately to play and strategize without worrying about your safety.

How to Choose an Outfit for the Paintball Game?

How to Choose an Outfit for the Paintball Game

Choosing a paintball outfit is an art. You need to think carefully to keep yourself protected from severe injuries. A paintball outfit covers your upper and lower body and protects your face, hands, feet, and head. You cannot just open your closet, choose any old clothes or an old outfit, and show up for the game.

So, what do you need? Let’s take a look at the different parts of a paintball outfit.

Upper and Lower Body Clothing

As you play the game, your entire body is exposed. You can get hurt by twigs, dirt, thorns on the field, not to mention paintballs. Choose clothing that helps you cover your upper and lower body, like long sleeves and pants.

Try to wear something loose which will absorb some of the impact when you get hit by the opponent, like a paintball jersey. You will find bruises and scratches on your lower body at the end of the game, so cargo pants, jeans, or sweats are smart choices for paintball pants.

You may also want to add extra protection, like body armor, vest, or extra padding.

Face and Head

One of the basic rules of paintball says to never remove your face or head coverings at any point in the game. Wear protective gear to cover and protect your head and face. A paintball helmet or paintball mask can provide maximum head protection.

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Hands and Feet

Wear high-quality gloves to keep your hands protected from bruises. You will be holding the paintball gun the whole time, so you need to make sure that the paintball gloves give you a firm grip.

If you have fingerless weightlifting gloves, you can wear those for paintball. Other types of gloves, like winter, welding, or golf gloves, can be hard to manage and intervene with your shooting ability.

As for the feet, the shoes you choose depends on the arena to some extent, but you should wear shoes with good grip and ankle support. Do not wear open-toe sandals as they can injure you in many ways.

6 Paintball Outfit Ideas You Should Consider

Paintball Outfit Ideas

Tactical Shirts

Tactical shirts are ideal for sports that require physical activity. Made of cotton and nylon, these shirts are comfortable, and you can wear them in any season. Since you will be running a lot, the shirt’s material will not make you feel uncomfortable from the sweat, and you won’t feel a hit with high intensity. Some shirts have polyester Teflon and cotton coating, which quickly dry the paint, but they can be expensive.

Cargo Pants

For lower-body paintball clothing, try cargo pants. They are cotton, which keeps you comfortable throughout the game, and usually come with large pockets so you can carry small items. Add additional layers to keep your lower body protected.

Combat Camouflage Clothing Suit

These suits usually have detachable knee and elbow pads. These pads keep you comfortable if you have to kneel down or even crawl on the field. The suit’s soft elastic and quick-drying fabric make it a perfect fit for paintball. They come in different sizes, and the tactical camouflage uniform hasTeflon splash-proof layer that is comfortable if the weather is humid.

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Adjustable Tactical Helmet

An essential item in any paintball outfit is the head and face covering. There are different options available but choose one that comes with inner padding and adjustable straps so you can adjust the helmet according to your head size. Make sure you try putting them on before taking them to the battlefield.

Leafy Ghillie Suit

This lightweight ghillie suit is a perfect choice for your paintball game. It has a durable and lightweight mesh base that makes it breathable, and you can wear it in hot weather. The exciting part of this outfit is that it does not get stuck on the branches or catch twigs. Wearing it gives you a more dynamic camouflage ability. It is one of the cool paintball outfit ideas.

There are many outfit ideas for a paintball available, but you have to make sure that you keep yourself protected. These games can get competitive, and the impact of the paint capsule can leave a mark or bruise on the body. So, make sure you are prepared to eliminate any such injury.

Keep Yourself Safe with these Paintball Outfit Ideas

With these paintball outfit ideas, you can enjoy the game while keeping your safety intact. Paintball is a competitive sport, and safety should be the priority. Choose clothing and paintball gear with extra protection that keeps you safe so you can enjoy the game.

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