How Fast Do Paintballs Go – All You Need to Know

How Fast Do Paintballs Go

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How fast do paintballs go? While playing on the paintball field, you might have noticed that paintballs travel fast and hit the target in the blink of an eye or maybe less than that. How does it happen? Well, the credit goes to the paintball gun.

Speed is an important factor to consider in a paintball park. When you buy an airsoft gun for paintball, consider all the essential factors that help you ace your game. After all, getting a suitable shotgun is needed to move a level up and stand apart from your competitors.

A good paintball shotgun helps you fire the paintball with precision and increases your chances of winning the game. We can help you choose a suitable paintball gun for the game.

Here, we explore all there is to know about the speed of a paintball and how it gets to moving so fast so you can buy a paintball gun with a recommended speed range and velocity.

how fast does a paintball go


What is the Unit for Calculating the Speed of a Paintball?

The speed of a paintball is measured using a different unit, and there is a reason for that. Paintball markers have a short range, so the speed is calculated in fps or feet per second.

When you are on the paintball field, paintballs seem like they’re moving at the speed of bullets, but an average paintball moves about 280 fps, slower than a gun, optimal for preventing serious injuries.

Paintballs travel at 160 to 190 miles per hour or 240 and 280 fps, the impact breaks before it hits the player. So, by the time you feel the impact on your body, most of the energy is disbanded. But it still hurts.

This all changes if the target is standing too close. A distance of at least 10 to 15 feet is recommended before you fire the shotgun to prevent serious injury.

How Do Paintballs Work?

How Do Paintballs Work

All paintball guns have a different build and make, but the mechanism for how they work is the same. The guns are usually tilted so the extra paintballs can quickly travel from the hopper into the paintball barrel. There is a minor release of compressed gas in the barrel, which is situated just behind the paintball. From here, the paintball gets pushed and comes forward, ready to be launched at the enemy.

For safety reasons, the power of guns is regulated, so it does not result in severe injuries.

Misconception About Shotguns

There is a small misconception about the shotgun barrel that the paintball enters the backend of the gun and launches straight on the player, which is not always true. The paintball enters either from the front or side of the barrel, which can affect the spray pattern and speed of the paintball.

Apart from this, the shape of the gun plays a significant role in determining the range of the shotgun. Using a long barrel increases the accuracy of the shotgun

How Do You Measure the Speed of a Paintball?

How Do You Measure the Speed of a Paintball

A chronograph measures the speed of a paintball. This useful device helps measure the velocity when you fire the shotgun and is similar to a stopwatch but with added features.

Many shotguns are regulated and have a speed between 280 to 290 feet per second as a precautionary measure. The rule says to keep the speed 300 feet per second. Calculating the speed using a chronograph is simple. You just have to place the shotgun on top of the chronograph. When you’re ready, you can shoot the paintball, and it will tell you the gun’s velocity.

The management of the paintball arena makes sure that they double-check the shotguns for recommended speed so the players do not get hurt. If you are taking your shotgun, it should be within the range, so you keep the fun and safety intact.

It is essential to stay within the recommended range, and you can adjust the speed using the adjustment tool. Every shotgun is different, so raising or lowering the velocity is different.

What Factors Affect the Speed of the Paintball?

There are a lot of factors that play a role in affecting the speed of the paintball. One of the significant and noticeable factors is the weight of the paintball. If we go by basic math, a lighter paintball will shoot faster than one with a heavyweight.

The lubricant applied to the barrel is another decisive factor in determining the speed of the paintball. Some people use olive oil as a lubricant, but many lubricants work. Do not overlook this important factor. A high-quality lubricant will help you shoot the paintball quickly.

In addition to this, the speed of the paintball is also affected by the temperature. Paintballs with high temperatures travel fast and give you high accuracy. The amount of compressed air used is another factor that affects the speed.

Play a Safe Game

As you choose a shotgun for playing a paintball game, keep all the safety rules in mind. A paintball should have a range up to 300 fps. Determine how fast paintballs go and do not increase the range beyond their capacity. Increasing the velocity beyond the recommended effective range is not ethical and safe. If you are taking kids, there are paintball guns for kids. Make sure you play conforming to all the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Fast Do Paintballs Go

To clear all your doubts about paintballs, we have listed below some common questions.

How hard does a paintball hit?

Getting hit by a paintball pellet and its intensity depends on where and how you get shot by the shooter. If the ball breaks after hitting you, it will not hurt as much because of the dispersed impact. Otherwise, it will hit harder, and you will feel as if someone has punched you hard.

How to protect yourself from a paintball hit?

You can avoid direct hits on your body in a defensive mode by wearing clothes suitable for the game. Make sure you have your protective vest with a paintball mask and goggles. Do not remove any protective equipment at any point in the game.

Do paintballs hurt more on bare skin?

A paintball game is a fast-paced game that requires utmost care and safety. All paintball players must keep all their protective gears on at all times. If you are hit by a paintball on bare skin, it will hurt. The pain is similar to a bee sting or being snapped by an elastic band.

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