Empire Mini vs Empire Axe Paintball Gun – Comparison Review

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The Empire Mini and Empire Axe are two high-end paintball guns produced by the same company (Empire).

The Empire Mini GS is also one of Empire’s newer models with tons of improvements which gives it an edge over the Empire Axe. The only downside with the Empire Mini is the fact that you can’t add too many upgrades to its design.

Empire Mini vs Empire Axe

Empire Mini Empire Axe
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Empire mini vs Empire axe

We will be going over the pros and cons of each paintball gun so that you can choose the best one that fits your needs as well as your budget. As you can see both markers look very similar but there are many different features and factors that might let you choose one over the other in the end.


When it comes to the design, both the Empire Mini and Empire Axe very similar and they both have the same microswitch trigger as well as the same clamping feed neck.

The Empire Axe provides a more ergonomic and easy to hold design, while on the other hand, the Empire Mini is extremely comfortable as the rubber grip provides super comfort and will never slip out of your hands during gameplay on the battlefield.


In terms of weight, both markers are super lightweight with the Empire Mini only weighing around 2 lbs. While the Empire Axe weighs a little more coming at 2.4 lbs.

We strongly believe that the Empire Axe feels a lot better in hand when walking around the battlefield with the added weight making it feel more like a real gun.

Shooting Ability

Both these markers are very similar in this department as well with both paintball guns being extremely accurate and easy to shoot. Right out the box, the Empire Mini fires at around 275 p.s, but if you give it some time, you’ll be firing your balls at 293 ft p.s.

The Empire Axe is on another level compared to the Mini as it packs more power and feels a lot better in hand when shooting. The Axe also has several different firing styles like Millennium ramping, PSP ramping and semi. Even the trigger on the marker is top of the line. It empowers ballers to fire off shots at fast rates of speed without any delays. Also, while you are using semi mode, you can use two fingers underneath the trigger guard and operate the gun easily.


The Empire Mini and Empire Axe both have a large amount of parts that can be easily replaced, customized and upgraded over time, these include the regulators, the trigger, the foregrips, the solenoid and many more.

Even though both paintball guns have tons of accessories to fully customize it, we think the Empire Mini wins this round as it as an advantage when it comes to replacing the parts. You can easily change anything on the gun just by using two alan keys. While the Empire Axe needs a lot more tools and takes much more effort and time in changing out the parts.


The Empire Axe paintball gun wins this round because as mentioned earlier it has an ergonomic feel to it when in hand it feels like a real gun compared to the mini that feels like a high-quality toy gun, not a paintball gun.


When it comes to maintenance the Empire Axe is relatively easy to maintain and clean. You can easily access the engine with a press of a button. As soon as you release the button, a balling bearing is a press down and from here you will be able to access the engine from the back. The simplicity is what makes this marker stand out over the Mini.

The Empire Mini is also easy to maintain but it might take you a few minutes to get it disassembled and properly clean. The Mini has a lot of small pieces and bolts that you will need to take out and organize properly. If you are a beginner, you should not rush in and disassemble the marker. You should first educate yourself by watching a few YouTube tutorials.


The Empire Axe is very hard to upgrade and customize because there are many more tools involved and much more knowledge needed to organize the parts properly in the Empire Axe.

The Empire Mini is the clear winner here since it is extremely easy and quick to customize because all you need in your possession is only two alan keys and the job should be done within a few minutes.


Base on the price of these paintball guns, both markers are budget-friendly that comes at a relatively cheap price. You can get the Empire Mini for a more affordable price than the Empire Axe paintball gun. The major difference between the two is that the Empire Mini price might go up because it cost more to customize the gun since there are more accessories available for it. So in this round, the Axe wins as it is a bit cheaper compared to the Mini.

Empire Axe Pros

  • Very reliable and durable
  • High-end loader
  • Feels great to shoot
  • Extremely quiet
  • The easy and quick bolt removal system
  • Very accurate
  • Stylish design

Empire Axe Cons

  • The ASA is a non-adjustable stock barrel, not the best one
  • More expensive

Empire Mini Pros

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very reliable
  • Extremely accurate
  • Comes at a very reasonable price
  • Uses less air
  • Has the ability to fire 15 balls per second
  • Offer smooth shooting
  • Ability to shoot very fast
  • Impressive performance
  • Lots of firing modes to shoot from

Empire Mini Cons

  • Foregrip too small
  • If not maintained HPA might leak
  • Only on/off switch

Which One Should You Buy?

If you are a beginner just starting out in the paintball sport, both paintball guns would definitely worth the investment.

However, if you like challenges you might want to go for the Empire Axe as it is much harsh to master and it will teach you a lot over time on how these types of guns work.
On the other hand, the Empire Mini may be the one for you if you are just looking to have fun right out the box.

Conclusion: Empire Axe vs Empire Mini

Both paintball guns are a great investment but somehow the Empire Axe seems to be in the lead since it beats the Empire mini in most of the categories including the design, shooting ability, feel and weight.

If you are buying the gun for those reasons then the Empire Axe is definitely the way to go. However, if you are on a tight budget yet looking for a high-end paintball gun with tons of accessories then the Empire Mini might be the marker for you.

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