Best Paintball Gun Under $700 – Buyer’s Guide

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Are you searching for the best paintball gun under $700 on the market? Well, there are tons of paintball guns available to choose from.

Nowadays, picking the best paintball marker for your needs is exceptionally challenging and time-consuming as well.

After many hours of research and in-depth analysis, we have put together this comprehensive guide of all the pros and cons of each paintball guns and list the best one for you. So with that said, let’s begin.

Best Paintball Gun Under $700

Paintball Guns RatingsPrice
Empire Mini GS Editor's Choice Check Price
Empire Axe 2.0Runner UpCheck Price
Azodin Blitz 3Budget Friendly Check Price

1. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker – Editor’s Choice

Best paintball gun under $700
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The Empire Mini GS paintball gun is an ideal option if you are a beginner or an intermediate player. The Empire models are known to be very popular in the market, but this one truly stands out compared to the others.

It contains well built major components such as the barrel, body hopper, and gas system which helps to improve velocity. The Mini GS is very lightweight and small in size as the name suggests. For teens and smaller players, this is obviously going to be a great choice.

It has many different types of firing modes. The firing precision is extremely high and this is due to the puppet engine since it uses minimal psi. In order to check the remaining air, what you can do is check the pressure gauge on the air connector.

As you can see the Empire Mini GS offers outstanding performance and is loaded with features to assist you during tournaments. This is absolutely the perfect marker for you if you want a fast gun with a next-level accuracy.

This paintball marker is also equipped with a wrap-around foregrip that offers great control and grip to the user. The weight of the gun is only 2 lbs, which means you can easily carry it around the field without getting tired quickly.

The maintenance of the gun is relatively easy, it has a unique screw design. It even has self-lubricating bushing for reducing the friction for smooth trigger pull.


  • This marker is capable of shooting very fast and super air efficient
  • It has minimum recoil with less noise
  • It is very lightweight
  • Anti-slip rubber grip cover
  • An internal gas line is present
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • HPA might leak if not maintained properly


2. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun – Runner Up

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Here is another high-end Empire paintball gun on the market that is totally worth the investment. The gun has the ability to enhance the performance of the game and can give a completely different kind of experience and performance.

The marker features make it easy to maintain and use. It’s extremely durable, reliable and versatile. It comes with a pretty decent firing range and great accuracy, it’s also known as one of the quickest firing guns.

This marker is a new generation paintball gun, it has a unique design and an extended grip that allows you to fire comfortably from many different positions throughout the day, with a tool-less push button you can easily maintain it.

We also appreciate the fact that it has an internal gas line, so you don’t have to worry about crossing wires when switching hands, and it even has an Empire Relay regulator with on and off switch, which makes it much easier to remove the tank.

The Empire Axe 2.0 has various firing modes to choose from like the PSP Ramping, Semi-Automatic, Millennium Ramping, and the NXL. The gun is also enclosed, which will help to protect it from certain weather effects, which is also known to affect a series of paintball guns.

The gun has no serious downside, it has features that are usually found in some of the most expensive paintball markers on the market, and it doesn’t even cost as much as they do. With this, you also get a CD that explains all the new features and exactly how they work as well.

It is equipped with a 12-inch barrel that provides the same type of distance usually found in a paintball sniper rifle. With the Empire Axe 2.0, you can expect a lot of fun since it’s very easy to use and has the ability to constantly shoot accurately.


  • It is one of the quickest paintball guns
  • It is super quiet
  • It has a quick bolt removal system
  • It doesn’t use as much paint as other guns
  • It has a decent range and is extremely accurate


  • The ASA is non-adjustable
  • Might have faulty regulator and gas leaks


3. Azodin Blitz 3 Paintball Gun – Budget Friendly

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If you are low on cash yet looking for a high-quality paintball marker, the Azodin Blitz 3 is just the right choice for you.

The Azodin Blitz 3 is extremely lightweight only weighing around 2.03 lbs, meaning you’ll have an easy time moving around freely. This also means that your hands won’t be tired and sore even after shooting for the whole day.

At the moment this marker is available in 6 different colors, so you have multiple colors to choose from. It also features a steel coated and braided airline that is great for long games. The frame is made of nylon composite, which gives it a solid and stable impression. It doesn’t break easily and tends to endure tough games.

The Azodin Blitz 3 also uses less gas than most paintball markers available today, including its brother, the Kaos 2. This is due to the improved technology that allows it to run smoothly and save you the trouble of refilling the gas regularly.

With this marker, you’ll be able to fire up to 20 balls per second. I would absolutely say that this is a beginner-friendly marker, it’s definitely a good buy for newbies and casual players.

The only drawback that this gun receives it that a lot of people complained about the triggers getting stuck or jammed after the first use, but base on testing this seems to be a factory defect.


  • Flexible solid materials
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes with good accuracy
  • Easy to carry around
  • Unique design
  • Affordable price range
  • A great choice for beginners and casual players


  • A possibility of factory issues



There you go, we have listed the best paintball gun under 700 for the money. Now that you have learned more about the different types of paintball guns on the market, you will be able to make a more informed buying decision.

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